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On Tuesday we published the Prologue of our First Serialized Fiction (Series) on Olodo Nation Titled Lamentations Of An Ugly Girl and y’all just can’t wait to get Episode1 on Tuesday!

Today i’m happy to Premiere our Second Official Series Titled Dominoes by Kemmie Ola.

Real quick its about a playboy, his Ada Ada, her lesbian friend and them pimps and ho’s in the background and their devilish schemes. Wear tight pants before reading o!

Checkout the preview below and drop your comments lets know what you think!


DominoesDominoes (Preview)

“We are going to have so much fun tonight Ben.”
This was the last thing Benjamin Nwafor heard before he passed out the night before…. His legs were tied together. “Oh crap, not one of these again.” he muttered as he started trying to figure out the knots. He didn’t see the woman in a towel come in through one of the doors; Ben yelped as he felt the sting of a wet palm smacking his naked butt……..

His phone rang and he muttered a curse as he saw who it was. “Baby, I’m sorry but I have to leave now, family emergency” he said kissing one of her breasts for effect.

If he didn’t get to the office on time, Funmi would guess what he had been doing and there would be trouble…….

“Hello, where are you?” Funmi Jones asked as she dodged another beggar’s outstretched hands. She hated these filthy Nigerian beggars.
“I’m at work now, where do I meet you?” He asked…….

“Why do you act like such a fucking illiterate Ben? Don’t piss me off; meet me there in five minutes.” she said and hung up.

….. “Shit” he muttered as he looked at his ringing phone. “Who is that?” she muttered as he stared at the phone. “Your father” ….

“Was that good?” she asked as she pulled up her robe. “Yeah, definitely better.” The lady behind the camera replied “As I always say; you look better naked.”
“Flattery will get you nowhere near my pants, Yvonne.” she answered back, laughing.
“We should drink to your freedom” Yvonne said and gave an ear splitting whoop. “Okay. Vodka. Fridge. Let’s get wasted!!” Funmi yelled jumping off the bed too.”
“Let’s play a dirty game, like truth or dare.” Yvonne whispered loudly, her eyes twinking mischieviously.
“No”, Funmi replied, her speech slurred; “Let’s do the dirty deed, I’m horny.”

You dont have to wait longer! CLICK HERE TO READ EPISODE 1 😀


(Series) Lamentations Of An Ugly Girl #LOAUG Ep.1
(SERIES) Lamentations Of An Ugly Girl (Prologue) #LOAUG


  1. Ok …I don’t knw what u trying to do to me, but seems its working …*suspense* can’t wait to read nd finish my imaginations….

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