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Do you have what it takes to win Remy Martin’s brand new Kia Rio car on Thursday 12th of December 2013 at Club Vegas? Many people will find out soon enough.

Premium Cognac brand, Remy Martin is set to hold the last edition (for this year) of its fast growing ‘At the Club with Remy Martin’ party series on Thursday, 12th of December 2013 in Lagos and on Friday, 13th of December in Abuja. The Lagos series will also feature the grand finale of one of the event’s most popular signature; the ‘At the Club with Remy Martin Dance Off’ where the winner will go home with a brand new 2013 Kia Rio.

The grand finale will be a competition between all the past winners from March 2013 as well as the December winner. (A December competition will be held on Thursday as well).

The ‘At the Club with Remy Martin’ Dance off winner usually gets to win One Hundred Thousand Naira.

The finalists of the ‘At the Club with Remy Martin’ Dance off are Prince Overare, Buchi Nwakolam, Precious Eleogu and Andre. Others are Nyam Terry, Joy Amuka, Nicholas Margaret and Bunmi Bambeke.

Some of the artistes slated to perform that night are Iyanya, Davido, Tekno, Shank and Emma Nyra. The MC for the event is Shody of Beat FM while music is powered by DJ Baggio.

You can be a part of the fun online by following the hashtags #RemyMartinDanceOff #AttheClubwithRemyMartin on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

At the Club with Remy Martin is open to only individuals above 18 years old. 

see picz below;

Andre August Winner Bunmi Bambeke November winner Nicholas Margaret October winner Buchi Nwakolam April winner Joy Amuka September winner Prince Overare March winner Precious Eleogu May winner

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(PICZ) At The Club With @RemymartinNG December Press Release And Pictures


  1. Nigerian Youth and The Dilemma of Shortcut to Wealth

    In line with the post of 1.5m giveaway Christmas bonus to appreciate fans on the popular Linda Ikeji blog, I was shocked to see over 7426 comments, which perhaps is the highest so far on the blog. Of course, the shambolic contest was underpinned largely by opportunist and indolent individuals who awaits their real messiah Angel Linda ikeji to send them ”Christmas manner”. To achieve their egoistic mission most of those who commented on the post employed all primitive tactics and also fabricated series of mendacious story to gain the favour from their goddess.

    However, there are some lessons in this regards which i deem fit to succinctly emphasize on. That Linda Ikeji has successfully re-write the story of her life is not a miracle as some religious bigots will want us to believe. Of course, she was not born with a silver spoon neither did her wealth emerge ex-nihhillo (out of nothing). But, her meteoric rise can easily be traced to her tenacity, doggedness, creativity etc.
    No doubt, she must have heed to the echo of her Daemon and follow the Socratic dictum unconsciously. Socrates the ancient Greek Philosopher once remark that all men should strive to discover who they are so they can be the best in any area they find themselves. (“Man know thyself”) this thesis was further corroborated with the Platonic concept of justice. no gain saying, Linda subscribed to these philosophies unknowingly and her life is a testimony today. indeed she activated her rationality by transcending the conventional way of blogging, and ushered in a more dynamic way of disseminating information. As a result of that, she is one of the top successful bloggers in Nigeria today.

    It behooves me to assert here that, you can be the next to be celebrated irrespective of your present challenges, you have to brace you spirit up, let your mind soar high to achieve your dreams. Nature has given every individual unique opportunity but, all you have to do is to open your eyes and tap into that which the creators as specially bestow upon you. Ironically, some people waste their precious seed by comparing themselves irrationally with others and neglecting the special talents and opportunity nature endowed them with, no wonder such people venture into careers without having a success story to tell.

    To conclude, all those involve in the rat race to receive a token or get attention in the course of the 1.5m giveaway should see beyond the ephemeral. They must realize that they possess great potentials that can usher them as well into the lime light. Rather than reducing themselves to glorified beggar on social media. Perhaps, the sane mind among them can still transcend the frivolities and get their bearing right.
    It follows that; they can as well succeed “if and only if” they are strongly determined to get to the top.
    Once again congratulations to Linda Ikeji a great Akokite, proud FASAITE and successful blogger………… for her sincere contribution to giving back to the society.
    Dayo Amu

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