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Sup People!

We brought you the preview for Dominoes last Friday and Episode 1 was billed to drop yesterday but cos it was Friday the 13th I was too scared to come online.(I know I’m a chicken).

So here’s Episode 1 of Dominoes written by Kemmie Ola!

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“We are going to have so much fun tonight Ben.”

This was the last thing Benjamin Nwafor heard before he passed out the night before, and the first thing he remembered as he opened his eyes slowly exactly six hours later. Unaware of his surroundings, he made to get up and let out a surprised yelp as he fell back on an amazingly big bed. He couldn’t remember how he got here, the place was different from his usual hotel; and last night was a big blur in his memory.

His legs were tied together. “Oh crap, not one of these again.” he muttered as he sat up and started trying to figure out the knots binding his legs together. Whoever had tied him up had used a tie; one of those expensive silk ties, so he was able to loosen it after a few seconds. The first thing he noticed was the pile of his clothes on the floor, and he shuddered wondering who he had shared the bed with last night. He bent to pick up his clothes and didn’t see the woman in a towel come in through one of the side doors and walk silently across the room to stand behind him.

Ben yelled for the second time that day as he felt the sting of a wet palm smacking his naked butt. He jumped and turned; an insult ready at the tip of his tongue but swallowed it when he saw who had smacked him. It was Mrs T, his on and off sexual partner. “I enjoyed last night Ben, thank you.” She whispered and smacked his butt again as she walked past him to another door. So she was the one he had spent the night with. He sighed in relief and started putting on his clothes. In less than five minutes, he was fully dressed. Taking one last look around, he walked to the door Mrs T entered minutes before and entered into a living room where she was sitting on a chair smoking a cigarette.

“What do you want?” she asked, smiling suggestively as she ran her eyes over him. This part always embarrassed him, but he had brought this upon himself so he pushed down his self loathing and smiled charmingly.“I’m leaving now darling.” He said as he winked at her and headed for the door, but her voice stopped him before he could escape. “Leave? Why? I thought I could ask for at least one more hour of your time.” she said in that whinny voice, making him cringe.“Fuck no.” he growled before he could stop himself.“Ben?” she said as she sat up straighter, bringing a steely quality into her voice that let him know he had displeased her. God, but he hated Mrs T sometimes. Who was he kidding, he hated her all the time, but she paid better than any other person and the sex wasn’t so bad. “What did you say Ben?” she asked crossing her legs slowly, drawing his eyes towards them.“I said; I’ll fuck you.” He said and smiled as he screamed repeatedly in his mind.

She smiled and made that irritating purring sound as she stood up and walked towards him. Ben couldn’t help himself, his body was already reacting to her; she was so damn sexy for her age. As if reading his thoughts, she loosened the towel and he felt his blood rushing downwards. There was no doubt in his mind that she was going to get it this morning. He smiled as he grabbed her and started to kiss her roughly.

Just then, his phone rang; his meticulous nature wouldn’t let him ignore it so he pushed Mrs T aside with a quiet apology and fished the phone out of his pocket. Whoever it was would have to wait, he had a job to do. He muttered a curse as he saw the number on the screen and put it back in his pocket. “Hey baby, I’m sorry but I have to leave now.” He whispered to Mrs T and kissed her again, gently this time.“Why?”

she queried, unmoved by his apologetic look.“Emergency at home, something to do with my mother; you know I would never leave you for less.” He said again, kissing one of her breasts for effect. That seemed to do it, because she smiled and kissed him on the cheek, then sent him away with a gentle shove.“Make sure you call me next week.” She said as he got to the door. He nodded and closed the door quietly behind him.

Settling in his car, he picked his phone and sent a text to the number that had called him earlier.

“To: Funmi Jones

Hey hun, on my way. Was in the office early,

work has been real busy.

:* “

He sighed as he hit send on his phone, then dropped it and started the car. If he didn’t get to the office on time, Funmi would guess what he had been doing and there would be trouble. He pressed harder on the acceleration pad, thinking up excuses to give her when he got to the the office. Plus he hadn’t even showered or brushed his teeth. She would see him in yesterday’s clothes and guess what happened.“Dammit!” he muttered as he made a sharp U-turn and started driving towards his house in Ikeja. He would need a miracle to convince Funmi he had been at work today.

He arrived at his house in about thirty minutes and parked haphazardly, then grabbed his phones and keys and ran inside the house. His phone buzzed and he stopped unbuckling his jeans to pick it up; it was a message from Funmi. He clicked on the message and sighed as he saw what was in it; he had really stepped in it this time. The message was a picture of Funmi sitting in his office and there was a caption under it that read;


He sighed again; this ashewo life was becoming too hard.



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  1. Haha…how ironic dat he hated ms. T but still got a ”hard on” 4 her ”sexy” body. Ashewo job no be beanss!! :p

  2. 9ce 1.I was getting carried away like I was reading a john grashams novel.can’t wait for the cont………….

  3. O boy! Abi na O girl!…finish this thing up oo…must u put me through some imagination punishment?….was caried away thou !…nice 1.

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