Police Man Stabs Colleague 57 Times For Befriending Wife


The Provost section of the Lagos State Police Command has commenced an orderly room trial for a 36-year-old police corporal, Halidu Shaibu, for the alleged murder of his colleague, Yeiwa Babangida.

According to police authorities, the suspect stabbed the deceased 57 times in a room they both shared in the Tinubu area of Lagos Island.

Shaibu, an indigene of Bauchi State, told police investigators that he killed 34-year-old Babangida because the late cop was having sexual relations with his wife.

It was learnt that the suspect is attached to the E Department at the Force headquarters annex, Kam Salem House, Obalende, Lagos.

The deceased, who hails from Gombe State, was said to be attached to police Mobile Force 2, Lagos.

Shaibu, while addressing senior officers, said, “I am married with three children and I have been a policeman for about 10 years. My wife confessed to me that of my three children, only one was my biological child, while the other two belonged to Babangida.

“Initially, I did not believe this because Babangida is also married with children, so I kept the information to myself. Babangida and I shared a room in the Tinubu area and I continued to relate with him normally.”

The suspect said on October 12, 2013, after they shared a plate of noodles, he challenged Babangida over the allegation and a fight ensued between the two of them.

He said, “Babangida cooked a pot of noodles and we ate. After eating, I asked him about the allegation, but he just attacked me all of a sudden. Because he is bigger than me, I had to overpower him, so I picked up a broken bottle and stabbed him in self defence.

“After stabbing him, I went downstairs to inform my neighbours because it was not my intention to kill him.”

It was learnt that the matter was immediately reported at the Lion Building Police Station after which the case was transferred to the homicide department of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.

A police source, however, said investigations revealed that the murder was premeditated.

He said, “Shuaibu is a liar. Neighbours told us that on the day of the incident, there was a naming ceremony holding downstairs and Shuaibu attended it. He then went back to his room where he killed Babangida.

“Our investigations, as well as a medical report, revealed that the suspect stabbed Babangida 57 times. The suspect also used the base of a standing fan to hit Babangida in the head several times in the head before he gave up the ghost. The suspect claimed there was a fight, but there are little scratches on his body.

“According to eyewitnesses, after killing the deceased, Babangida returned to the naming ceremony downstairs, ordered a bottle of Heineken and shouted, ‘I don kill Babangida for upstairs’.”

The police source said investigations revealed that the suspect was serving in Osun State and had been declared a deserter.
It was learnt that the police investigators were also trying to ascertain how Shuaibu worked his transfer to Lagos.
Meanwhile, it was learnt that the suspect’s wife had fled since the incident occurred.
When contacted on the telephone, Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the incident.
She said, “The policeman in question is facing an orderly room trial. At the end of the trial, he may be dismissed.”


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