(POEM) My Job. My Nightmare by @Ms_Nayomi




Whoever said it was going to be easy?

Point him out and let me toss the first stone.

I dare you to put on that apron for a second

You see me in my fitted skirt, body hugging top,

Shoes so bright the sun is not needed to shine.

My smile so alluring and warm,

The heater is not needed for warmth

And you think it’s easy.


My teddy is not working tonight…

In the comfort zone.

I stood for 8hours long having orders thrown at my face

Am having nightmares and I just want to quit…

Go home…and be free from bondage.

I do not know if I am strong enough to pull through

I do not know why I speak to you about this

I just want to talk…

‘Cos my teddy is not working tonight.


“Hard work and prayer goes hand in hand”, they say.

“But at least it’s just for a start”, they say.

“You are strong enough to pull it off”, they also say.

But all I want is that you hear me out, I say.

Such horrible painful experience

I lay in bed and try to seek refuge in nature’s arms

My teddy is not working tonight.


I close my eyes and all I see are people

Giving me their orders…

One Burrito… 2 crisp tacos…

No wait! I changed my mind,

Can I get a combo instead?

I think I want lemonade…

What is the difference between ranch chicken and chicken burrito?

I just want to rip my hair apart.

My teddy is not working tonight.


I need a pen and paper to write

I feel the need to write and read out loud

Listen to me… do not tell me your plight

My teddy is not working tonight.

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