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“On the 4th day to Christmas; Olodo gave to y’all… Episode 2 of Dominoes!!!” 🙂

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DominoesEPISODE 2

Hello, where are you?” Funmi Jones asked as she dodged another beggar’s outstretched hands. She hated these filthy Nigerian beggars; they were too lazy.
“Ugh” she muttered in disgust as she almost ran into another one with a deaf and dumb placard on his chest.

“What was that?” Ben asked at the other end of the line. “One of those irritating beggars; where the hell are you?!” Ben sighed; he hated it when Funmi was in one of her spoilt brat moods, and he could tell that this one was about to become a full blown tantrum. “I’m at work now, where do I meet you? He asked, opening the calendar app on another phone. He was going to have to reschedule one of his meetings today; there was no use trying to infuriate Funmi.

“Meet me at that Bistro next to your office building.”
“Bistro? Why do you like to speak such complicated English Funmi?” He said and winced immediately. Funmi hated it when anyone hinted that she was wrong in any way. True to form, she didn’t disappoint him.
“Why do you like to act like such a fucking illiterate Ben? Don’t piss me off; meet me there in five minutes.” She said and hung up immediately.

He could be such an idiot sometimes. She wasn’t consciously trying to sound polished or anything and he knew it. She pushed her angry thoughts away as she sighted the office building and started walking faster. She didn’t understand why his office was so far from the parking lot, it made visiting stressful. She rushed into the little restaurant and went immediately to the bathroom; checking the mirror and perfecting her already perfect make up. She sighed as she washed her hands, wondering why Ben always made her feel so jittery; she always wanted to look just right for him, be less “tush” as he liked to say. He was her best friend; and she was starting to hate him for not valuing her as much as she valued him.

Ben laughed as he picked up his other phone and put both phones on silent. He didn’t want to have a situation where he would have to explain himself to Funmi when someone called and he didn’t pick. Last week’s incident had been bad enough; he had gone out to see Mrs T and ended up doing an overnight session. He had done so much begging and lying that he didn’t even remember what finally calmed her down. He took a detour at the bathroom to check his appearance in the mirror and smiled; content with what he saw. Funmi had always been a sucker for fine boys and he had to keep her interested. Last week’s incident confirmed his suspicions that she had started catching feelings.
He remembered warning her that this was going to happen; best friends shouldn’t do what they were doing, it always ended badly.

He saw her before he entered the restaurant; she was sitting with her back to the window, and concentrating on something in her hands. She didn’t notice him until he sat in front of her.

“Oh! Ah Ben, you …. Ah. Welcome. How are you?” She stood up to hug him, and then looked him over, her smile turning into a huge grin. Ben was so hot! “Sorry I snapped; the stress from work is making me crazy” she said as she sat back down and reached for his hands, making him drop his phones on the table to hold her hands. He patted her hand and shrugged “I’m not angry, I’m used to it”
“Ha ha, funny guy.”

“So,” she said resting her elbows on the table, “how’s it going at work? Boss still picking on you?”
“Eh. That man. Of course he’s still picking on me. I almost…….”
The sound of his phone vibrating against the table interrupted him. He frowned; didn’t he put the phone on silent just minutes before? He looked down at the phone to see who was calling him; it was the appointment he cancelled. He stared at the phone, trying to decide whether to answer it or not.
“Won’t you answer it?” Funmi asked, making him jump, which he regretted immediately.

“Why so jumpy Ben? Pick up the phone and answer.” She said and watched him watch the phone. Then she excused herself and went to the toilet obviously trying to control her anger. He followed immediately, turning a few heads in his haste.

“Funmi! Babe! Wait.” He said as he entered the toilet and closed the door.
“Wait for what? You’re a dick, you know that; a little shriveled cowardly dick. That’s one of your old women right? Right?!”
“Sweetie, you’re getting loud. It wasn’t any old woman, it was an office client.”
“Then why didn’t you pick the call?” she asked closed to tears now.

Ben couldn’t stand tears. “Wait, no no no no. Don’t start crying Funmi, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.
“You keep doing this Ben! You always…….”
He clamped his mouth on to hers to stop her from yelling. She made a sound in her throat and tried to push him away, but he was stronger so he held her even closer. She struggled against him and pushed him harder, which excited him even more. He held her tighter and maneuvered them into one of the toilet stalls. Resting his back against the door, he pulled her up against him and positioned her legs at his sides then he reached for the buttons on her blouse with his other hand and loosened them.
“Oh goody” he whispered against her mouth and she laughed. He released the front clasp and reached for one perfect breast, playing with her already taut nipple.

She sucked in a breath and clutched his shoulders trying not to make any sound, but her resolve to be silent melted immediately as she felt his mouth replace his fingers. She moaned softly and Ben quickly silenced her with a kiss to avoid having her make sounds that would soon become too loud for the stall. He moved to the second breast and repeated the action with the first, stopping to kiss her every few seconds as his hand worked its way down her torso into the band of her short skirt.

She moaned loudly as his fingers made contact with her center and he felt his body reacting faster. She was so ready, so moist; he could just take her here in this stall. He froze immediately as his brain started functioning again. He couldn’t take her here, it would be wrong; not to mention foolish.
“Babe, let’s go to the hotel.” He said and waited for her to steady herself, and then he went out to the table and picked up his phone.

Just as she came out of the restroom looking semi dazed, his phone rang again. “Shit.” He muttered as he looked at the screen and saw the word “BOSS” on his screen.
“Seriously Ben?” Funmi muttered as he stared at the phone again. “Who is that now?”
“Your father.” He answered as he pressed the green button and put the phone to his ear.


Ehen! Now dominoes getting to the part I’ve been waiting for 😀

Is Funmi overreacting? or should Ben be flogged for his Ashawo Work?(A nicca gotta make ends meet na!)

Wait! Funmi Papa dey call? I smell Gobe!

*Drop your comments below lets know what you think! Merry Christmas from Kemmie Ola & I! *thunderclaps*



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  1. Nice piece…..
    What do y’all expect, Funmi is in love n she knws d kinda person Ben is so she’s just trynna protect her man…. Cool stuff! Can’t w8 for d nxt episode
    Kip it up guyz…. Me lovey!

  2. Oh….ah…! Am speechless!! 😮 ”best friends with benefits”?? And funmi is acting drama like he is her property? *sigh.

  3. Hahaha. Interesting! The Romance part, on point! And Weldone with the suspense. Ben the sharp Guy! That Funmi has a whole lot of temper. Can’t wait for the next episode…. Compliments of the Season!

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