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Missed Dominoes Much? 😉 Our characters have been too busy chopping Christmas Chicken & New Year’s Jollof jare. We skipped publishing Episode 3 last week due to some technicalities(principalities & powers :D) but we back! Read & Enjoy Episode 3 Below!!!

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DominoesEPISODE 3

Mr Owolabi Bankole Jones turned away from the stunning view in front of him. He loved the idyllic feel of the environment on Sundays and would have preferred to spend it anywhere but here, but there were more pressing matters to be attended to. Matters like what the little bastard in front of him was doing to his daughter. She had started taking drugs and she spent less time at home and at work. He could bet his life on it; it was all Ben’s fault.

Ben squirmed in his seat again, wondering what Funmi’s father wanted. The man was a jerk and he hated him, but he had no choice in the matter. If he was being honest, he was still surprised that a firm like this had employed him and as much as he hated his job, the pay was too good to let go just like that.
“Ben, how long have you been in this firm?” Mr Owolabi asked.
“Two years sir.” Ben answered as his phone vibrated in his laps. There was a message from his best friend.


“Charly, how be? Those beach girls aren’t
going to fuck themselves man. Do and
come before I leave abeg.”

Ben coughed and shifted in his seat, trying hard not to laugh. He looked up at his boss; the man had just said something he didn’t hear. He was hoping it wasn’t something important, so this didn’t turn into something else.
“I asked you a question Ben, what is going on between you and my daughter?” Mr Owolabi asked again, looking at Ben as if he’d like to shoot him in the head.
“We are friends sir.”
“What type of friends Ben? Good friends? Friends who go together into a hotel room? Friends who stay there for hours on end?!” Mr Owolabi asked, his voice rising with each question.

Ben cleared his throat and jumped a little as his phone vibrated in his lap again. It was a message from Funmi this time.


“Ben, where are you? I’m horny.”

Ben shifted and cleared his throat again, his discomfort growing by the second. Funmi had recently started making his life harder and he was getting tired of her new found clinginess.
Mr Owolabi watched Ben closely, interpreting his fidgety attitude for guilt. “Whatever it is you are doing, stop it.” he said as he picked his cell phone and car keys from the table. “If you don’t, I will destroy you.”

Ben watched Mr Owolabi walk out of the office and sighed. He knew this was going to happen, he had known it right from the start. He picked up his phone and dialed Joe’s number.

Joe locked the gate behind him and hissed as he went back into his car. He hated that Ben always did this; make plans with him then refuse to show up. They were supposed to go to the beach today and hunt for free trout i.e. easy girls. He was probably with that bitchy Funmi girl. But God, he hated that girl so much and it annoyed him that she had turned Ben into her fuck boy.
As if on cue, his phone rang. It was Ben calling him.

“Guy, where are you?” Joe asked immediately.
“No vex, boss man called me to work today. I’m sorry.” Ben replied, putting his own car in gear.
“He knows about me and Funmi.”
“Ah shit! You really put your foot in it this time.” Joe said, calmer now that he had a story from Ben.
“I know man, I’m scared shitless. I can’t lose this job, I can’t go back to solely relying on those old women.” The fear in Ben’s voice was palpable which made Joe laugh.
“You’ll be fine ma’am, please hide your tampon. It’s scaring the men”

Joe eased his foot off the accelerator for a bit as he rounded the bend that led to the beach gate and slowed down when he saw a car that looked familiar two cars ahead.
“Hey Ben, are you there yet?”
“Just got here. I’m waiting for you.” Ben said as he parked and ended the call.

Joe dropped his phone and watched Mr Owolabi get out of the familiar looking car. He paid the parking fee and parked his car, hurrying to catch up with Ben’s boss. For his size, the man moved extremely fast. He quickly sent a text to Ben asking him to come to the other side of the beach where Mr Owolabi was heading. He sent another text to Ben as he watched the man enter the exclusive strip club on the beach and waited.
Ben caught up with Joe, a little out of breath from walking and running at once. His eyes widened as he saw the building Joe was pointing at and he headed towards it, not waiting to hear Joe’s lame jokes.

The inside was dark lit and it reeked of smoke and expensive alcohol. They were just in time to see Funmi’s father enter a room with a door marked “VIP”, holding a girl. Joe burst into laughter again while Ben stared as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The old bastard had gone in there with a girl that was definitely younger than Funmi. Joe whispered to Ben to go have fun as he got hold of a leggy fair skinned girl with moderately large breasts and let her lead him away.

Funmi struck another pose and smiled at the camera flash. “Was that good?” she asked as she pulled up her robe and got off the big bed that dominated her room.
“Yeah, definitely better.” The lady behind the camera replied smiling appreciatively at the camera in her hands. “As I always say; you look better naked.”
“Flattery will get you nowhere near my pants Yvonne.” Funmi said as she picked up her phone and frowned. Why hadn’t Ben called back? She sent him another text, making sure he got the message that he was needed urgently. She had been horny all week, but she didn’t disturb him because they had argued after their hot steamy session the Friday before. Plus Yvonne’s increasing interest was starting to scare her and she needed a release before she found herself turning to a woman for orgasms.

Her phone beeped; there was a message from Ben.


“Hey babe, can’t come today. I’m
sorry. Something came up.”

“Anything the matter?” Yvonne asked from across the room. Funmi had just thrown her phone angrily on the bed.
“Ben.” She replied sulkily. “He won’t even call back, the bastard.”
“Ugh, Ben again” Yvonne interjected as she rummaged in her bag for something. “Let’s do joints and forget that bastard!” she said producing three neatly rolled sticks of Indian hemp, then smiled as Funmi took one albeit grudgingly.
“You’re going to turn me into a junkie lesbian like you.” Funmi mumbled, her speech somewhat impeded by the joint in her mouth.
“That’s the vision darling, smoke up and feel better.”

“Keep the pictures, Ben doesn’t deserve them. Or me” Funmi said suddenly making Yvonne laugh. “We should drink to this.” Yvonne said as she jumped off the bed.
“Drink to what?” Funmi mumbled around her joint.
“Your freedom” Yvonne said and gave an ear splitting whoop.
“Okay. Vodka. Fridge.” Funmi said jumping of the bed too. “Let’s get wasted!”

They sat on the floor and took turns with the bottle, each person taking large swigs when it was her turn. In no time, they were at the bottom of their second bottle, laughing at nothing in particular.
“Let’s play a dirty game, like truth or dare.” Yvonne whispered loudly, her eyes twinkling mischievously.
“No Yvonne” Funmi replied, her speech slurred, “Let’s do the dirty deed. I’m horny.”


Ghen Ghen! Funmi o! After y’all will say Ben na ashawo 😐 Lemme just comment my reserve.

What do you see happening next? With Joe & the Boobicious Stripper, Ben and his season feem life, Funmi & the Lesbian, Yvonne? ehen! Baba Funmi for Strip Club? Agbalagba! o_O

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  1. O boy its getting hotter and dirtier so funmi fit do lesbo omo na wa oo and her papa self dey go strip club mhen dia fam has serious issues wif sex na ben I dey pity small sha him go lose him sex toy to pussy

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