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“It’s hard to let them leave but they ought to be away” ~ Twist Da Fireman(Pause It)

Family is the most powerful 6 Letter Word I know(aside *in Chris Brown’s voice* (Finechina)Vagina that is), it’s a word so powerful that it enslaves one, way stronger than the “wedding ring”. You don’t agree? Really? Ok ok let’s agree to disagree.

The wedding ring is only as powerful as %50 of the rich(and I think erring) spouse’s worth aint it? Wait %50? Ok that’s powerful I agree.

Now let’s get to the disagree part(my fav actually), the Family is like a dungeon you’re born into, your knights in shiny armours may break in and whisk you away from the sufferings you’ve been subjected to all your life but after the initial thrill of freedom you start feeling empty, your thoughts seem to be where you are barely and slowly but surely, like Michael Scofield, you start plotting your journey back into that “dungeon” you’ve been freed from in so much of a hurry. Why? Because its “Home”.

Home. Family. Blood. These words are some of the most ambiguous (in reasoning, not definition) out there! They are invisible mighty chains binding our souls together. No matter where we go, what we do or what we (think we) feel towards those in our cells(family), we will never be free of them!

When we realise these things, when we realise with “Family” its “Always & Forever” come rain, come shine. Like strangers randomly put in a soccer team we hope we are in the right team where everyone is perfect and the chemistry is as fluid as a faggot’s on vaseline sliding into his partner’s- No I didn’t just say that! :X

familyTruth is we’d wish for the best! I mean, isn’t the Family supposed to be the perfect sanctuary? The one institution capable of making the four walls of the House feel like a Home? Where no matter what life throws at you and the world out there does to you, you can go back into and everything becomes “Alright”? (I used “feel” because that’s what it is, a feeling. The “Home” does not exist! It is merely a feeling in our heads.)

We love, trust, confide in and pray those we call our Family will Accept us just the way we are, Understand us when we choose our choice off the bouquet life throws us and Support us when we follow Our Own Dreams. (Rather than the nightmare our great grand-father had when he fell asleep in the forest prompting us to become herbalists to protect our lineage and bla bla!)

But sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water and family will cross you quicker than strangers.

A house is not always a home. I’ve lived and found this to be so…

So what do we do? What can we do? Run as far away from them as pluto(they say its no longer a planet buh ion care abeg! It was when I was in elementary *shrugs*)is from the Sun? Change our Identity? We are who we are. Our Family is like our shadow, we don’t always see them but they are always there. We can’t run away from them because they are the very blood that run through our veins.

How then do we make our Family “Perfect”? How do we make them Love, Understand, Accept & Support us the way we want them? I’m still in search of the perfect solution tho, maybe a powerful dibia from the depths of the world famous Ogoja “River of Life” to prepare a powerful “otomokpouor” for me :D.

Till then, I live by these words…

“It doesn’t seem fair, but most of the time you don’t find the love you want from the person(people) you want it from. You can keep fighting for it, or you can surrender. It doesn’t mean you love them less, you just choose to love them from afar, so that you can clear your heart to see that the love you want is in YOU!” ~ Violet (Shuga)


Written By Ibrahim “@UnilagOlodo” Salawu


Do you have suggestions on how to make our family perfect? Wanna say something about your family? Please share! Drop your comments below. Thanks

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  1. Family is amazing if you guys love and respect each other,otherwise its like you are in a prison,but you can not look forward to release date,as its for a lifetime…..its exhausting.

  2. I can relate with this story….. Family is amazing,if you guys love and respect each other,otherwise,its a prison with no sentence,you can’t look forward to the day of your release because there is no getting out…….

  3. all a’v got to say,dont die before you tell ur family how much you love them and dont let them die before you say it either… dont just say it, mean it.

  4. you hit the nail right on the head ! family will always be family regardless of the situation. If one is not at peace with them, make amends and tell them you love them. if you are already at peace with them, just hold them tighter and tell them you love them again and again. However, keep in mind that not everyone who bares your last name is family.

  5. Family – our nemesis… We can only try to run but as you said their blood flows thru our veins so how far can a nicca run? Sweet post, I will sha write a counter later

  6. Very touching nd deep……And I have been inspired to write my own too….oh familyyy..where art thou????? *sigh.

  7. Family is just something else. But I’ve learnt to separate relatives and family. Not everyone related to you is family and sometimes people not related to you are family. Family is people who are always going to be there

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