(PICZ) Student To Undergo Eye Surgery After Teacher ‘Ordered Classmates To Slap Him 40 TIMES’


A school teacher’s disciplinary action against a pupil has caused a huge problem for the school.
A 12-year-old boy in China was slapped on the face 40 times by his classmates under the orders of the class teacher for failure to do his home work.

article-2534651-1A72F01600000578-216_634x421The teacher was said to have told the classmates that anyone with the loudest slap would get a reward, after which according to the boy the teacher told him to do push ups and prevented him from eating lunch.article-2534651-1A72F03300000578-630_634x422

Later that night the boy realized he could not see properly out of his left eye.
Daily Mail reports:
The boy’s mother added: ‘I didn’t know the damage was so severe.
‘The doctor had told me my child’s eye might not be cured.’
According to reports, the teacher who ordered the slapping allegedly claimed that punishing the children helps them to progress in class.
The boy’s mother said the school had given the family 30,000 yuan (£3,000) in compensation, which they had already spent on the operation.

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