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Episode 4 of Dominoes by Kemmie Ola is out!!! Check it out below!  Enjoy! 🙂

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DominoesEPISODE 4

“What the hell do you mean by I really liked it?!” Funmi yelled as she threw another pillow at Yvonne. “I was drunk you fucking dyke! Drunk!”
“I was drunk too, but I knew what I was doing. Don’t piss me off Funmi, you asked me to fuck you and I did. And I repeat; YOU LIKED IT” Yvonne threw her own pillow back, effortlessly dodging Funmi’s poorly aimed missiles.

To look at her, one would never guess at Yvonne’s personality. She was the picture of athletic grace and innocent beauty. But beneath the appearance, she possessed an ambition that drove her beyond the confines of sane reason sometimes. Her family had thrown her out the day she declared her sexual preference for women. Her father like Funmi’s father was a powerful man and hated that his only daughter was a tomboyish lesbian. Yvonne pushed aside thoughts of her family and focused on the matter at hand. She turned in time to dodge another missile from Funmi.

“Stop it Funmi! What the hell?!.” Yvonne half yelled. The girl had no idea how sexy she was just standing there spitting fire.
“Shut up!” Funmi yelled as she threw one of her teddy bears at Yvonne and bent to look for something else to throw. Yvonne was supposed to be her friend, but the traitorous bitch had exploited her drunken state. Sensing a change in the atmosphere, Funmi turned in time to see Yvonne stop in front of her. Her countenance had changed, she didn’t look angry anymore; she looked predatory.

“Move away.” Funmi said backing away from Yvonne who reached out and pulled her in for a hug.
“I’m sorry okay? I didn’t mean to do it, I suggested truth or dare but you insisted and you are my best friend, it’s hard to resist you.” Yvonne cooed patting Funmi’s back.
“Yeah whatever; just don’t let this shit happen again.” Funmi replied and pushed Yvonne away.

This felt weird, she was starting to like Yvonne. She and Yvonne had known each other for three years now and although it had been a bit awkward for her when Yvonne told about her sexuality, there had never been any sexual chemistry between them until months ago. They were playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with some friends at a get together in Funmi’s house and Yvonne’s girlfriend at the time had dared her to kiss Funmi. She had obliged, kissing her quickly on the lips, but their friends insisted the kiss was too chaste. So Yvonne had grabbed her and kissed her till everyone started clapping and cheering. Although, both of them are being intentionally amnesiac concerning that night, she couldn’t deny it; there was some sort of attraction to Yvonne that had grown over the last few months

She made to pick up her phone, but Yvonne stopped her. “What? You want to call Ben again?” she asked angrily.
“Yes” Funmi replied, “He is kind of needed now.”
“Why? Because you want him to help you forget what we did four days ago?” Yvonne asked again as she grabbed Funmi’s hand and pulled her towards the bed.
“What are you doing? Stop it right now!” Funmi struggled against Yvonne, but she was no match for her strength. “Stop fighting me Funmi. You like this, you know you do.” Yvonne whispered as she kissed Funmi.

Funmi couldn’t deny the frisson of electricity that passed through her as Yvonne’s lips touched hers. She let herself be pushed on the bed and watched as Yvonne sat between her legs and traced her hands up her thighs, pushing up her mini skirt in the process. This felt wrong, but it already felt so good Funmi didn’t think she could stop her.
She gasped as Yvonne’s hand moved in between her legs.
“Ah, I guessed right; no panties.” Yvonne said as she smiled and bent forward.
Funmi gasped again as she felt Yvonne’s tongue on her clit, her eyes widening in a mixture of shock and excitement. No one had ever done this to her, except of course Yvonne the other night, but she was too faded to enjoy it as she did now. She gasped as she felt Yvonne ease a finger inside her and cried out when she blew gently on her. She grabbed Yvonne’s head and pushed her face deeper between her legs crying out again when she felt Yvonne’s tongue.

Ben sighed as he dropped his phone. His customers were becoming more demanding, and he was already losing interest. Maybe it was time to move on from sleeping with older women for money; he’d leave that for the younger guys and chase after girls his own age.
“Speaking of younger girls………..” he muttered as he picked up his phone. He kind of missed Funmi and her demands. He frowned at the phone when she didn’t pick and dialed again.

“Babes be getting so confident nowadays.” He said to himself as he got up and headed out of his office.


Yvonne wiped her mouth and laughed as she watched Funmi recover from her orgasm.
“Now, I’m sure you like me.” whispered Yvonne as she laughed again, getting off the bed to search for her clothes.
“Oh my, you’re so cool Yvonne. You’re like the coolest thing since wonder bras.” Funmi said still looking a bit dazed.
“Ha ha, very funny. Nothing is cooler than wonder bras.” Yvonne said putting on her shoes. “Gotta go.” She made to peck Funmi on the cheek, but she pulled her in and kissed her full on the lips instead.

“Whoa! Slow your roll mama.” Yvonne laughed and picked up her back pack then froze suddenly as she heard a car nearby. “Your father back already?” She asked, the tone of her voice making Funmi sit up immediately. She watched as Funmi crawled to the window and sagged in relief when she shook her head.

Funmi got off the bed and pulled Yvonne with her downstairs to the front door. Someone was knocking at the door, so Yvonne waited behind her as she opened the door. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw Ben at the door.
“Hey, Yvonne.” Ben said, anger oozing out of every pore.
“Hi Ben.” Yvonne replied, her demeanor mimicking Ben’s “How’s the fam, miss me much?”


Hmmm na so Funmi turn Lesbo o! See what head does? Fellas give head before another woman gives your babe head and carry am go o!

Hol’Up! Ben got to Funmi’s house minutes after her orgasm? Does that mean he’ll detect? or will a threesome follow? Find Out Next Week! 😛

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