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Episode 5 of Dominoes by Kemmie Ola is here Check it out below!  Enjoy! :)

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DominoesEpisode 5

“What was she doing here?” Ben asked as the gate closed behind Yvonne’s car.
“We’ve been friends for over three years now Ben, I don’t think it’s bad to have my friend of three years in my house.” Funmi replied tartly.
“Yvonne is not someone whom I’d….” Ben started but Funmi interrupted him in that cold voice that meant he had crossed a boundary of some sort.
“Whatever you have to say, keep it to yourself.”

“But……” Ben started
“But what?” She cut him off, daring him to speak with her eyes.  He sighed and turned away from her. There was no need arguing with Funmi today, he didn’t have the energy or the time. Something was different about her today; she had that look she always had whenever she was extremely tired, slightly tipsy or very happy. She was a force of nature in any of these moods, even worse than when she was in a bad temper of any kind.

“I’m sorry, forget I said anything. Do you want to go for lunch?” He asked settling for a truce, plus he didn’t want to dwell any longer on the thoughts that were in his head.
“Sure, let me get dressed” Funmi replied, deciding on a truce too. Ben watched her go out, then fished his phone out of his pocket.

“Hey, guy. How far?” Ben asked craning his neck to see if Funmi was already coming back.
“I dey; what’s up?” Joe replied sounding like he had just run a marathon.
“I’m alright. Why are you breathing as if you just finished…….. Wait, did you just finish…..?” He burst out laughing, unable to complete the question.
“No man. I’m not that bad yet. My girlfriend is on her way and the house is a mess.” Joe hissed, he didn’t have the time for this. “What do you want?”
“Calm sir, I was hoping we could go check out the strip club this Sunday and maybe find out who that girl is.” Ben said. He looked up in time to see Funmi walk into the room. “Later” he whispered quickly and hung up. He didn’t hear Joe say ‘No’ at the other end of the line.


“What’s up with you?” Joe asked his girlfriend for the third time in five minutes. She had been unusually quiet for close to two hours now and he didn’t know what was eating her. “You know you can tell me anything right?” He asked again, hoping this new tactic would make her spill.
“I’ve wronged you Joe, I did something I promised you I’d never do again.” she said speaking for the first time.
“What did you do?” He asked, already knowing what it was but refusing to believe it. She couldn’t have, she had sworn to him. He muttered a few curse words and left her side as she began to cry.

She watched him as he paced the length of the room, taking care not to smile. ‘This Joe, so naïve’ she thought to herself. The guy really thought he could tame a girl like her just like that. She started to laugh, but turned it into a cough before he noticed.

“So who was it this time?” Joe asked, much to her chagrin. He seemed to have only questions today and she was already tired of his whinny voice. She cleared her throat as she prepared her answer carefully; she wanted him to hear her clearly when she said this.

“It was…..” she cleared her throat again “It was Funmi, Ben’s girlfriend.” She said and pretended to cry harder while she watched for his reaction. He didn’t disappoint her.
“You did wha…….. Please leave.” He said abruptly, his voice cooler than the air conditioned room.


“What do you mean you can’t do this anymore?” Mr Owolabi asked, going to sit on the only couch in the room. “Is it the money? I could give you more money, I don’t mind.”
“It’s not the money.” The lady on the bed in front of him replied. “Look, my boyfriend broke up with me today because of you. He’s the man I plan to marry someday, so we have to end this.” She concluded, not giving him time to try convincing her. She picked up her bag as she walked towards the door.
“Yvonne!” he called out as she closed the door behind her.


Thelma increased her speed once she got outside the building, taking care to hide her face behind the mass of braids falling by the sides of her face. She picked up her phone and searched out a number. The worst thing that could happen would be for anyone to see her here, and by anyone she meant Funmi. “Common babe, pick up” she muttered as she listened to the phone ring.
“:Hey girlfriend, what’s up?” Yvonne’s voce came across from the other end of the line.
“I’m good. Bad news” She replied “I just ended it with him.” She continued, not waiting for Yvonne to continue.
“Ugh! What the hell is your problem?! I told you not to make any move without my say so!” Yvonne yelled, making Thelma move the phone away from her ear. She started to laugh again, but controlled it just before it got loud enough for Yvonne to hear.

They just didn’t get it, the foolish lot. She had her own plan too and she’d see her plan go through or she’d die trying.
“Listen Yvonne” she started, trying to sound pleading “I didn’t plan to disobey you, but when you told me you ended it with him, I thought I should do the same. Now I have him in the palm of my hand, right where we want him remember?” she asked trying to control the impulse to laugh again.
“Okay then. I trust you.” Yvonne said finally and she tried even harder to control the impulse to laugh.

“I love you” she said, her voice softening. Her love for Yvonne was the only thing she was sure of in her life and try as she might, she couldn’t let go.
“Love you too Thelma” Yvonne said and hung up.

“Okay Thelma, let’s see what sex with this Ben fellow is like. Wonder why that Funmi can’t keep shut about him.” She said to herself as she started her car and drove off.


Who is Thelma? Isn’t Mr Owolabi Funmi’s Dad? Yvonne has a diabolic plan? OMG! Joe is Yv’es Boyfriend? In my opinion this is getting really interesting… What do you think?



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