(Article) Stranger by @ShemKadir (In Memory Of A Dear Friend)


This is one of the few times I hope to write without correcting my mistakes or caring about my grammar. I’m always writing like I’m sad right? If you thought of me as a sadist, this minute I am worse, I am thorn, thorn into different people and I have to get my shit together because I have exams so I’m here, in my words, the only place that can help reduce a burden like this, here goes nothing…

The first time we met it was in front of my faculty through a friend, we just kept gisting and I guess my first impression made an impact. We exchanged contacts and from that time on we talked every time, he liked me a little more than much but he was very decent about it, very patient. I never said anything nice to him, my normal self always yabbing and using the F word and he liked it, he always saw something beautiful in everything I did, he always saw  hope when I saw nothing, he always felt free to tell me things that bothered him, I hardly opened up and maybe I’m happy for that maybe it would have being worse… You wouldn’t believe it but when last have you heard of a boy that writes a poem to a girl every morning??? It sounds like some page in my poem or story book right? but this is not fiction it is real… I was tempted to share some of his poems but jealousy wouldn’t let me at least let me hold on to something I hope I alone had and it was from him…

On this day this stranger lives no more, the news of his death knocks me right out of sanity, I am stuck I keep calling his numbers hoping he picks, hoping he says something anything, hoping I could say something nice at least he would know I didn’t see him as nobody, but none of these has happened yet. I’m  praying that by the time I lay my head to sleep that all this would be an ugly mirage and he would call me back or something, he still owes me, he can’t just leave… That’s why I’m here to ask if its true, to ask if I’m living in the real world, to hope that someone makes sense of this madness because I don’t know how to get over this. I have been abandoned by the friendly stranger and I need help to get back home…

(In memory of a dear friend)


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