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Episode 6 of Dominoes by Kemmie Ola is here Check it out below!  Enjoy! :)

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Episode 6

BEN looked at his watch and jumped out of his seat immediately; he had spent too much time staring into space, and now he was late for his next appointment. He was excited about this one, and he just couldn’t wait to meet her. She was wealthy, educated, beautiful, funny and most of all, she was young. He smiled to himself again, he couldn’t believe his luck; a young lady willing to pay for sex!

From what he had seen in the picture, she was close to his age. He tried Joe’s number as he walked to the car park, but he didn’t pick his call again; he had been that way for a few weeks now. Ben shrugged as he got into his car; he wasn’t ready to worry yet, he just wanted to share the good news, nothing else. He couldn’t contain his excitement; he whistled as he got into his car and gave the gateman a huge tip for opening the gate on time.


Thelma smiled at her reflection in the mirror and ignored the angry sounds coming from behind her. She was finally going to screw the legendary Benjamin Nwafor today, and if he was as good as they said, maybe she would finally start getting some satisfaction from the double life she was leading. She winced as Yvonne’s murmurs became low growls and tried to hide a smile.

“Why so grumpy? It’s just sex Yvonne, it’s not like we are going to fall in love and ride off happily into the sunset.” She said and laughed as the growling became louder, then moved to sit beside her on the bed.

“Is this really necessary?” Yvonne asked as she reached for a bottle in the small bedside fridge.

“Yes, it really is. We both knew this was going to happen eventually, so don’t be like this now.” Thelma

replied, bending closer to peck Yvonne lightly on the cheek.

“Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Don’t try to kiss me or act like you love me when you are on your way to fuck my cousin.” She said in a half whisper, then took a large swig from the bottle in her hand and got off the bed. Thelma stood, frozen in a shock induced trance as she watched her walk into the adjoining room. The sound of the door slamming against its frame seemed to jolt her completely out of her trance and she gasped as Yvonne’s words echoed in her mind.

“Fine! If that’s how you want to play it, you fucking friend! I’ll fuck your father, your brothers and even your sisters you bastard!” she yelled at the closed door and picked up her purse, taking care to slam the door too on her way out.


The noise from the evening traffic was beginning to irritate him, just as much as the enclosed spacing of his office was suffocating him. He had to do something about that girl. How could she just leave like that? Joe couldn’t believe Thelma found it so easy to abandon him like that. He had significantly reduced his philandering because of her, he didn’t frequent those underground pleasure clubs and houses anymore because of her, he had even taken care not to introduce her to any of his friends so they wouldn’t fall for her charming smile and steal her away. Even Ben didn’t know this chick for crying out loud.

He punched his desk as the pressure started mounting in his chest again. She hadn’t even called him once; the bitch. He stopped pacing for a moment and chastised himself for thinking about her that way. Thelma wasn’t that type of girl, she probably had her reasons. He picked up his phone and dialed her number for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, and like all the other times, his call was ignored. He sent another text and prayed that maybe this time, she would reply him.

To; Thelma

Babe, we really need to talk.

I’m sorry and i love you, stop

ignoring my calls.


Thelma hissed and deleted the message from Joe. He had been doing this since they broke up three weeks ago and it was becoming irritating. Even if she had pushed him to it, he was the one who sent her out. Today was already turning out to be one of those terrible accidents; first, it was Yvonne and now Joe.

“Your husband calling?”

The sexy voice from across the table pulled her back to the present and she smiled as she remembered why she was here. Yvonne couldn’t even tell her anything right now. After all, she had fucked half of Nigeria in the name of her stupid revenge. She smiled as she looked Ben over again; he had gone to get them drinks and was now placing them carefully on the table between them. She couldn’t wait to experience him in the sack, she shivered just thinking about it.

Ben sat down and tried not to laugh out loud. This was entirely new for him, and it was so very exciting. Her pictures didn’t do justice to her beauty at all, she was younger than the pictures made her look, plus she was really into him. He had caught her staring at his crotch area thrice now and he could practically feel the waves of sensuality radiating off her smile. He quelled the uneasy feeling that he started feeling since he met…….. Thelma? Yes, Thelma. He couldn’t stop wondering why someone like this would be paying for sex. She was young, beautiful and looked like she got sex offers every day.

He shook his head to erase those thoughts and focused on the slow seduction game they were playing with each other. There was no stopping him, he was hitting this today.


Yvonne looked at the ringing phone and scoffed. You’re too needy, that’s why everyone just uses and dumps you she thought and put the phone on silence. She needed to think of something fast, she was already derailing from the plan. After pacing for a few minutes, she picked up the phone again and dialed a number.

“Hello, its Yvonne. I need to see you.” She put the phone away from her ear and immediately put it back, hurrying to speak back into the mouthpiece area “It’s urgent too!” everyone was losing their damn minds around here, it was high time she put things back in place. Everything would start to fall into place now…




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