Ladies Who Bleach To Get White Are In Danger ~ Lagos Beauty Expert


Mary-Charles (1)

Mary Charles is a Lagos beauty expert who says she won’t advice any lady to bleach her skin until she gets white.

According to her, you could tone to a shade a bit lighter than yours, but going to the extreme is dangerous and the consequences are high. Here is what she told City People Magazine when she was asked about her opinion on why many ladies go extra length to bleach.

A lot of women now go extra length to bleach, what do you have to say about it?

For example, when customers come to me and tell me they want to tone, I ask them how you want it. If they want to be very white, I discourage them because the side effects are very grave. I advise them to go for a shade lighter than your shade, I can give them the laser cream because it tones naturally and will give you a shade lighter than your shade. But if you want to be very white like most girls are doing now, I don’t encourage that. I have seen a lot of people who have damaged their skin with this steroid creams and it’s like you spend N100, 000 to damage your skin and later spend a million to repair it. Even with that millions you can never get your natural shade again.

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