Pastor Ajanaku Would Not Have Died If he Had Greeted Me ~ Satguru Maharaji



Satguru Maharaji is at it again. Here is what he told City People Magazine about late Idahosa, Okotie and late Pastor Ajanaku. He said if only Ajanaku had greeted him when they met, he would have been alive today. He also said Ajanaku and Okotie are part of the pastors spreading false tales about his ministry

The Interview below;

Because of robbery incidents that have happened around here, your devoted members living here are seen as criminals. What do you have to say about that?

“That is the work of people who wouldn’t stop at anything in running you down. Take for instance Olanrewaju Adepoju is one of them, Pastor Ajanaku even Okotie. Many of them who distorted the truth that Maharaj Ji is this and that and they believe in it without even knowing that it is a trap. Even Idahosa, where are they today? Yes they offended the holyspirit that sent me here. The bible says know the truth and tell the truth. I remember when I went for a programme at NUJ Press Centre Ibadan and I met late Pastor Ajanaku, If he had said “goodmorning o Guru, that boy wouldnt have died. The moment he met this light and the light was for him to be saved. I want to tell you that things that are happening on the planet are not coincidence, it has been planned by the creator. If one abide with one mind, one will always escape the dangers and that was it. Things that he is not supposed to say, he started saying it and the problem started”


He shed more light on why Ajanaku would have been alive if he had greeted him;
“He wouldn’t have died. It is like this, when a human being is possessed it is just like ….let’s take the case of Idahosa for example. When I was in Benin, they blocked my bus. He went further to say that the stature of the Oba of Benin is an Idol. No, dont do evil, that is it. You don’t carry bible in your head, no, bible is not working in Europe, na nuclear bomb o. Bible is not working in Uganda, na bomb they work there. So in Pastor Ajanaku’s case, he should have given me my respect the moment he saw me”


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