(Series) Lamentations Of An Ugly Girl #LOAUG Ep.8

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    He came out few minutes later with his ‘girlfriend’s elbow tucked in his. He was obviously going to drop her off. I quickly opened the passenger’s seat as soon as he opened the auto lock. I’m not going to let one overzealous girl chance me in my father’s car. Wait first, she might not know the car is not Tunde, boys and their lies, you can’t tell what he has been telling those girls. Anybody would believe if he told them that he is 23 year old banker even if he told them that our house is his, what will I now be, like distant cousin/housemaid from Iseyin abi what would you call a person like me in an unmarried banker house.

    Just as I was preparing breakfast the next morning, I heard Tunde laugh hard from his room, I ran to his room (that’s what too much African magic can do to you)

“Tunde, ki lo sele?” I asked before opening his already slightly ajar door.

“This guy is a bastard, nothing; Richard had a threesome last night”

“Who is Richard?” I inquired

“The celebrant from yesterday nah” He answered still laughing.

“Oh Oh” I unplugged my phone and went through my BBM contacts till I found him. Rich and Richer was display name, I quickly went to view his DP. He looked quite cute, smooth face. My mind quickly imagined how he’d look in a threesome, then my mind (not me) imagined how the both of us would look interlocked clothes off. I quickly shrugged the thought off. It would be nice while it lasts but the aftermath would be deadly: he is probably at a bar with his friends, Tunde included and they are bragging about their sexual prowess, like boys do, then he’d mention fucking Tunde’s elder sister. As wide as my imagination travels, I could phantom the aftermath of such.

    If only Tunde knew what he triggered in me with that word “threesome”. After carefully weighing my options, I called Gbolahan, my shag buddy, (yes, this ugly girl has a shag buddy, you can start laughing)

“The number you are trying to call is not available” the answering machine voiced.

“He is probably in school” I thought to myself.

    Gbolahan is a 300 level mechanical engineering student of one of these chastity and holiness private university (I would have mentioned the name but they might expel him for sexual immorality).

    Gbolahan had always been that kid on my street, in my primary school, I don’t talk to because there was really nothing we could talk about. So about 3 years ago when his dad and mine became friends, he automatically came to our house more often although his visit were ‘Is-your-dad-around-and-my-dad-asked-me-to-drop-this-for-your-dad’ type of visits which always ended at the door.

    It was definitely no strange visit when he showed up at our door drop an envelope for my dad.

“Is that SKINS?” He asked

“Can I watch it with you? I really don’t have anything doing back at home” he quickly added. I let him in

    Barely 30 minutes later, I was on my back, my hand unbuttoning his shirt and working his torso at the same time above me, my lips letting out gasp of pleasure as he worked his lips down my neckline to my cleavage. His hand carefully stroking back and forth, he found the hook of my bra before noticing it was still beneath my cloth, unfastened the hook and stopped for a while before ripping it off me. Oh! He fondled me forming a molehill circle around my already erect nipple. I could see his bulge wanting to explode in his trousers. I undid the zipper and he pressed my hands to feel his hard even more from his boxer shorts. He kissed me even deeper, forcing his tongues through my teeth sucking on my lips. He tasted like menthol and chocolate. He let out a groan as I held his crotch a little tighter then he let go off my mouth using his tongue to trace down stopping just below my belly button as though he wanted affirmation before delving into me, sucking out my juices, making a circle on my labia and stopping right on my clit. I felt my body jerk uncontrollably as he tongue-fucked me. I opened my eyes slightly to see him remove a condom from his wallet before sliding it on. “Oh” I said as I remembered I hadn’t locked the door and that anyone could catch us right there on the family couch, before I could say another word, he had thrust into me making me give out a hushed moan, he worked it so good that I came twice excluding the times I came when I rode him. I don’t know if the fear that anyone could walk in added to the excitement because even after the act, the guilt I thought I’d feel didn’t come at all.

    From that day on, he became my shag buddy, the funny thing about him is he never disappoint giving a good show maybe I always grab him immediately he is let out of chastity prison thereby letting him let loose his fiery lion or maybe because he is an engineer (I heard engineers are the best Banga-lees, is this true?).


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  1. Hmmmm…. And t-lines had got a shag butty all d way…. Wat a suspense!!! Anticipating d next episode though

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