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Episode 7 of Dominoes by Kemmie Ola is here Check it out below!  Enjoy! :)

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Yvonne stared at the man sitting across from her. He had been clearing his throat and glancing at his watch simultaneously for the past fifteen minutes now; a sign that her plan worked and he was already antsy and just wanted to get things over with fast. She sighed and straightened in her seat deciding to just spill. God, but she missed him.

“How have you been?” she asked
“Fine.” He replied
“Wow; so much warmth. You don’t miss me much, do you?”
“Just tell me why I’m here. What if anyone sees us together right now?” His anger barely concealed, he leaned forward as if to grab her, but then thought better of it and leaned back in his seat.

Yvonne laughed as she reached for her drink. “Not much has changed huh? I don’t care either way; I have a problem.”
“And?” He asked “You want me to take care of it?”
“Yes. This is the very last time, I promise.” She added as she saw his expression darken even more.


Ben grunted loudly as he pounded into Thelma again and collapsed on top of her. They had been meeting three times a week for the past two weeks and Ben couldn’t believe the sex was still so great. He rarely had sex this good, except of course with the one who must not be named. He shook his head as thoughts of Funmi started to penetrate again and applied himself to pleasuring Thelma. He reached between them and touched her, but thinking about Funmi had pulled him out of the mood, so he got off the bed and went to the adjoining bathroom.

He couldn’t understand this feeling of guilt that came whenever he thought about Funmi. He supposed it was because he should have stopped this thing with Thelma immediately after the first time. He had been disobeying orders since he met Thelma. The worst possible thing that could happen was if the chief found out about his recent misbehavior.


Funmi stared at her phone and wondered when Ben would call. Yvonne had told her the only way to get someone like Ben to notice her was to ignore him first, and though she was trying, it was becoming harder to ignore the fact that she missed him like crazy. His smile, his jokes, his sexy little goatee and the sex, God! The sex.  “Call me, call me, call me, call me……” she chanted with her eyes closed.

As if on cue, her phone started ringing and she opened one eye to see who it was. Yvonne’s name on her screen made her hiss and put the phone on silence. She didn’t have time for lesbian bff drama today. She was ashamed enough as it were, without Yvonne coming to heap on the guilt. She had cheated on Ben – well, sort of – with his female cousin and her guilt increased with every word she spoke to Yvonne. Her phone kept ringing until she gave up and picked it up.

“Where are you?” Yvonne asked.
“Um…. at work. Why?”
“I need to see you.”
“Don’t want to say it over the phone. Can I come to your office?”
“No” Funmi snapped. What if she came and Ben called, or worse; what if he came to see her? The last thing she wanted was for him to find out she had sex with his cousin. Yvonne was saying something about forgiving her, but she wasn’t paying attention.
“Huh? What did you say?” she asked, but Yvonne had already hung up, so she shrugged it off and decided to call Ben instead of waiting for him like an idiot.


Joe tried Ben’s number again, wondering why the idiot didn’t want to pick up his call. As far as he knew, it wasn’t Funmi occupying his time like this, because they stopped seeing each other. He needed his help to work things out with Thelma and he needed it soon. She had been ignoring his calls and texts for weeks now, so he was going to Ben as a last resort. Before trying Ben’s number again, he decided to send Thelma another text; something to soften her heart a bit.

He understood that he was wrong for sending her away, but he had hated the fact that of all people, Funmi was the one who reactivated her nasty habit. She had promised him that she would stop doing it, that she would stop fixating on people that she found alluring in any way and fantasizing about them to the extent where she became the stalker and they became the celebrity, till they became prey and she became predator. His phone vibrated again and he glanced at it, intending to ignore it, but Thelma’s name on the screen stopped him; there was a text from her.

He spent some seconds deliberating on whether to open the text or not, then decided against it. it was probably another text insulting him and telling him to let her go, because they were never going to work. He was already down, no use kicking him. He needed to get himself out of this funk before it started to affect his life. He picked his phone and decided to call Ben. All he needed was some party in his system and he’d be fine.


Ben sighed and let go of Funmi’s hands. He had been holding her up against her headboard when Joe called.
“What’s wrong?” she asked
“That’s Joe. He’s trying to get over some babe; party style.”
“Which babe?”
“The one he had a thing with; Yvonne’s ex.”
“Ugh.” She got off the bed and started looking around for her clothes. “I knew you were going to leave me here unsatisfied, as you always do. It’s either work, or my father, or Joe and that disgusting Thelma.” She said bitterness lending a hard edge to her voice.
“Thelma? Who is that?” Joe’s girlfriend’s name wasn’t Thelma. He told him her name was Yetunde or something Yoruba like that.
“Joe’s girlfriend of course. Didn’t you say she was Yvonne’s ex?”

Ben nodded silently picking up his phone again. There was no way his Thelma was Joe’s Thelma and Yvonne’s Thelma, no way.
“Babe,” he called out to Funmi who was still strutting round the room semi-dressed. “Is this her?” he asked opening the picture Thelma had sent to him before they met. “Yup, it’s her.” She said after squinting at the picture for some minutes “why you asking?”

“Ah…. Nothing. Gotta go, Joe’s waiting.” he said quickly and started dressing up.


Joe sat in his car waiting for Ben to come out of the hotel. It was the one he and Funmi always came to for fear of her father. What was taking the guy so long anyway? He was the one who said he wasn’t busy. He picked his phone and toyed with it for a few minutes, staring at the unread message icon for what seemed like hours. After a deep breath, he decided to open it. This text would decide for him on whether to try getting her back or not. He clicked on the message icon just as Ben opened the passenger door and got in.

“Hey dude, how far” Ben greeted.

“You bastard, you rotten bastard.”




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