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Episode 8 of Dominoes by Kemmie Ola is here Check it out below! Enjoy! :)

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Funmi watched Ben leave and shook her head. He could have at least let her orgasm before leaving, bastard. Something on the bed caught her eye as she bent to pick up her earrings from the nightstand; it was Ben’s phone. A slow smile started to play around her lips as she looked at the phone, he had dropped it in his rush to get away from her. She picked it up and debated with herself for about a second on whether to go through the phone or not. In the end, her curiosity won.

She closed the picture he had left open and scrolled through all the other pictures, her eyes widening in a mixture of surprise and hurt when she closed the picture folder and saw the title, it read; “CUSTOMERS”. Ben had slept with over a hundred women for money. This was it for her, no more liking Ben. She wasn’t going to accept his common toilet penis anymore. She made to put the phone in her bag when it suddenly started ringing. It was “The Chairman” calling. It was probably her father calling to give Ben hell for no reason at all. He delighted in causing other people pain, and it was behavior like this that pushed her mother away.

She shook her head, tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and she wanted to be happy; no need thinking sad thoughts today. She decided to take the call and warn her father to stop making life hard for Ben. But it was a woman on the line. Her words were short and sent a chill through Funmi’s spine.

“Ben, you are starting to annoy me. Take care of that girl before I kill her myself.”
“Hello?” Funmi was a bit confused at this point.
“Oh, Yvonne. Good job with Funmi. Tell Ben to take care of Thelma before I get back. You two should stop having sex, it’ll mess things up. Bye.”


The silence in a graveyard was nothing compared to the silence in the car as Joe and Ben sat and stared at each other, the latter thinking of ways to get out of the car alive. Joe watched Ben’s face go from scared to guilty to expectant and smiled to himself. It was so funny to him that this was the man he called his best friend. He understood now; Ben’s recent state of constant absentmindedness, forgetfulness and the habit of always hiding his phone.

“Why did you do it?” Joe asked.
“Do what?” Ben replied, feigning ignorance. He knew very well what Joe was talking about.
“Why did you fuck my girlfriend?”
“It wasn’t intentional, I swear. I didn’t know she was…”

The rest of Ben’s words were cut off as Joe lounged for his throat. He struggled with the door, opening it at last and fleeing for dear life. Joe watched him go and then burst into laughter.
“Fucking coward.” He said as he decided to let things go and drove off promising himself to get over Thelma now that he hated her.

Ben ran back into the room and found Funmi putting the finishing touches on her makeup. She turned to him, about to say something, but before she could get any word out, he hugged her. She struggled against him, but his next words kept her rooted, speechless.

“I’ve been a very bad person Funmi. I just realized today that I’m a bad person. I want to change that, I want to start afresh.”
“Um…” Funmi started. He had to explain to her about ‘The Chairman’.
“Don’t say anything, not yet. I know I’ve slept with a sizeable amount of the women in this country and all that, but I want to try my hand at this relationship thing. What do you say we stop filling each other’s holes just for fun and really try to date?”

“I don’t know………….. yes? Yes.” This felt like a marriage proposal, she had been waiting for Ben to ask her out for ages. She kissed him and pushed him towards the bed, unbuttoning his shirt as they went. She knew they had to discuss ‘The Chairman’, but that could wait.

Ben hissed silently as he felt Funmi’s teeth close around his nipple. He tried to focus on enjoying what she was doing as he convinced himself he had done the right thing. He knew in his heart that he would suffer for asking to date Funmi, but the hell with it. He was tired of playing puppet to some woman’s strings. He sucked in a breath as she trailed kisses down his chest, to his stomach. He closed his eyes mentally urging her to go lower and after a moment’s hesitation, she did.


Yvonne watched Thelma strut around the room, showing off her curves in the most provocative way. She sighed and stared at the message on her phone again, wondering how he could do this to her. She told him to take care of things weeks ago, but he didn’t, because he was trying to become a reformed man. She scoffed at the idea of Ben ever becoming reformed and sighed again. He was doing all this for Funmi; that lucky bitch.

She shrugged as she made up her mind, ‘The Chairman’ would be back in three days. She would have to kill Thelma herself.

As if she could read her mind, Thelma suddenly turned and stared back at her, a suspicious frown on her face.
“Why are you looking at me like that? She asked
“How?” Yvonne replied
“Like you feel sorry for me”
“Why would I feel sorry for you, you’re the bitch who fucked my cousin.” Yvonne’s voice took on a hard edge.
“Why do you keep lying that he’s your cousin?” Thelma asked angry now “I know you used to fuck him. Who fucks their cousin?!”

Yvonne couldn’t take it anymore. “Okay. I’m sorry. Let’s stop now.” She said and reached for Thelma who gave in after about two seconds of reluctance.
“It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, let’s start celebrating tonight.” Yvonne murmured as she placed tiny nibbling kisses from Thelma’s earlobe to her neck, down to her breast. Thelma sighed as Yvonne’s finger found her centre and started to work her. She missed this; sex with her partner. Yvonne stopped suckling on her breasts and trailed kisses down her torso, making Thelma whimper as her lips got closer to her fingers. Thelma moaned and moved restlessly while Yvonne pleasured her with her tongue and fingers in quick succession, her moans getting louder as she got closer to climaxing.

She didn’t hear Yvonne reach for the small revolver under the cushion behind her. She didn’t see Yvonne aim and fire. But the immediate shot brought her back to earth so she sat up and came face to face with Yvonne holding a gun and pointing it at her.

“Yvonne, what the….?!”
“I missed the first time. Don’t worry it won’t happen again.” Yvonne said with a cynical twist of her lips and fired again.




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