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Episode 9 of Dominoes by Kemmie Ola is here Check it out below! Enjoy! :)

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The chairman smiled at the woman in the chair next to her, and turned to face the window.  It was going to be one hell of a flight back home, possibly the last flight she would ever take considering this was her last mission. She let the pilot’s voice become background noise as she stared at the night sky. There were too many chessmen in this game and she was getting tired. There was Funmi, Ben, Yvonne, Joe, Chief Owolabi and the newcomer; Thelma or what was her name. She was the one who found out her identity and wanted to use it for personal gain. The girl’s naivety made her smile sadly as she thought of how she died. She put her phone on flight mode and settled herself more comfortably against the chair; time to get some sleep before it became a luxury again.


“Why are you doing this?” Yvonne asked Ben for the fourth time, and silence greeted her again. She was close to tears now and barely holding on to her sanity. She had killed a person for the first time in her life and the guilt was overwhelming, driving her crazy. She didn’t even hate Thelma enough to beat her, but she still killed her.

“Why are you making me do your job? You were supposed to leave Funmi, but you didn’t; I had to do the whole lusty lesbian routine again. You didn’t kill Thelma, so I had to do it. You couldn’t take care of Joe, so I had to make Thelma do it. What is wrong with you?!”  She said, her voice getting louder with every sentence as her tears finally started flowing freely.

The mention of Thelma’s death jolted Ben out of his self imposed trance.
“What?!” He asked “You killed her? You killed a person?” he couldn’t believe this, Yvonne wasn’t a killer. She couldn’t kill the tiniest rat, how had she managed to kill a whole human? These were his thoughts and he said as much.

“What was I supposed to do? The chairman will be back tomorrow. Remember the last time she said to do something and I didn’t do it?” she cried flopping onto the bed and then jumping up again when she remembered Thelma had died in it. Ben stood and pulled her into a hug.
“I’m so sorry love, I shouldn’t have abandoned you. I was angry because you banged Funmi, I’m sorry.”

Hearing Funmi’s name brought back Yvonne’s fire and she pushed him away. It’s always about that bitch; everything can be traced back to her. Why?! Why is she destroying my life?” Ben couldn’t understand her swift mood changes, so he just watched her. After a while, he spoke up; “Why are you so against my being with her? Didn’t we break up way before Funmi came into the picture?”
“Because the chairman doesn’t want you with her.” Yvonne answered.
“What?! Why?!”

Ben wasn’t having any of this. He had worked the longest and the hardest for the chairman; he did practically everything she asked of him; Thelma’s incident could have even been the first time he had ever really disobeyed.

“Don’t know” Yvonne replied sourly. “Ask her yourself. I have to be somewhere other than here.” She finished and started putting things in a small hand bag.


Joe aimed another can of beer at the little trash basket that had earned a permanent spot in front of his TV and laughed when he missed. Everything was funny nowadays, since Thelma left. He picked up his vibrating phone; Ben had been calling nonstop all morning. The bastard was worried about him now, after he had managed to stab him in the heart through his back. He wasn’t one to show emotion in anyway, but the thing with Thelma had hurt like hell. He stared at the picture of her and Ben Thelma had sent him again and shook his head. She was half naked and straddling a naked Ben; the picture was taken selfie style and was really repulsive to look at, but he stared anyway. Suddenly, as if jolted by electricity, he stood and went into his room, stopping to pick up all feminine things in the room. He had to go see her today, but he needed an excuse.
He smiled to himself, filled with new purpose as he put things into a small duffel bag. He was going to see Thelma again today.


Funmi walked into her father’s office building wondering why he was hiding from her. She prayed he was around as she climbed the stairs, because she had ditched a free booze and reconciliation offer from Yvonne. She had been trying to get him on his phone for over a week, but as always, she just barely missed him whenever she called. She said hi to the secretary and walked inside the office, purposely ignoring the nervous secretary as she kept repeating the fact that chairman was busy and didn’t want to see anyone. She was going to have that father-daughter heart to heart today, whether it killed him or not.

“Daddy! Good afternoon.” She said as she breezed into the office and stopped cold in her tracks. Shock made her silent for a few seconds before she screamed and then crumpled against the closed door in a faint.

Yvonne raised her head and wiped her mouth. “Do you think she saw my face?” she asked a now panic stricken Chief Owolabi as he tried to zip up his pants and run at the same time. Yvonne smiled as she watched, her mouth twisting cynically as the Chief tended to his daughter with utmost care. She watched his fingers move over her forehead and snorted. Those fingers had been inside her some minutes ago; she also marveled at how fast his erection had disappeared, considering that it was in her mouth less than two minutes ago. She tried to keep her face blank as the Chief put Funmi on the couch opposite her and called for a driver to come take her to their hospital.

The bitch was just lucky through and through; everyone wanted to take care of her. She really hoped she had seen her face, because that would mess her up a bit. Since she had The Chairman’s permission to do anything to Funmi as far as it took her away from Ben, she would just lie about this too. After all, the only reason she came here to put someone’s shriveled dick in her mouth was to mess Funmi up. Since Funmi had destroyed her life, it was only fair for her to revenge.

The driver came in, carried Funmi and made his exit with a worried Chief Owolabi trailing after him. Yvonne’s blank expression twisted into disgust as soon as they left and she got up, ready to leave too but the sound of a ringing phone stopped her. She smiled as she saw which phone it was; Funmi’s, and her smile became a full toothed grin when she saw it was Ben calling.

“Hello Ben.” She said in a singsong-y voice.
“Wha….. Yvonne? What are you doing with Funmi’s phone?”
“Well, let’s see…… I just fucked her up and now I’m going to kill her.” Yvonne said and emitted a raucous laugh that sounded creepy even to her own ears.
“What?! No, Yvonne, you’re not this person. Please, don’t be like this. I promi…”
“Goodbye Ben.” She snapped
“Yvonne, don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare, or else I swear I’ll……!”
“Shut up Ben. Funmi will die before tomorrow; I promise you.” She said and hung up.




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