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The pounding on the door was driving her crazy, she just wanted to rest right now. Yvonne sighed angrily as she walked to the door and yelled for whoever it was to hang on. Who knew this place except Ben and Joe? The thought of Joe reminded her of Thelma and she choked back a sob as her guilt started to stab at her again. She wasn’t strong enough for this, why did she do this?

It was Joe at the door.
“What do you want?” she asked rudely.
“Thelma” he replied, equally rude.
“She’s gone”
“Gone? How? Where?”
“See, I don’t know. She just said she was tired of this place and she left.” Yvonne said, not looking Joe in the eyes for fear he would see the guilt in her tear glazed eyes.

His shoulders suddenly fell as if he lost all his energy, then he dropped a bag and left Yvonne staring at Thelma’s things, afraid to touch them. He had to get over her for real now, he had to find a way.


Ben drove to the hospital, praying to God that Yvonne wasn’t at the hospital yet. Yvonne could make good on her promise and get to Funmi before him. He got there and scanned all the cars, relaxing when he didn’t see Yvonne’s car. The hospital was big enough that she parked on the other side though, so he ran straight in and asked for Funmi’s room.

She was in bed, staring straight up with tears flowing down the sides of her head down to her pillow.
“Hey babe” Ben called softly.
“You okay? What happened?” He moved a nearby chair and sat by her bed.
“I saw….. it was…. I…… Yvonne and… and…..” she broke off as the picture that was beginning to blur became very clear in her head again and started to cry louder now.

Ben held her close and made comforting sounds, wondering how to tell her why he was here. He decided to just come out straight.
“Pack your things, let’s get out of here.”
“Huh?” She pulled back from him “Why?”
“You’re not safe here.”
“How? This is my father’s hospital and…”
“Exactly! Too many people know this, so it’s very easy to locate and harm you right now.”
“But…..” she started, but then decided to follow him. He was probably the only person in her world who wasn’t lying to her right now.
“Okay” She said as she got off the bed and picked up her bag “Who wants to locate and harm me?”


Chief Owolabi watched as the old man in front of him recited ifa panegyrics and tried to quell his impatience. The man always did this – as if he was intentionally trying to waste time – and it wouldn’t have bothered him on any other day, but today was not that day. He reminded himself again why he was here and forced himself to stay put as the man now started consulting the gods on his behalf. Something very bad was about to happen, the incident with Funmi yesterday was just the beginning. He could feel it and it made him very uneasy to think about what it might be.


The bottle of rum hit the carpeted floor with a muted thud as Yvonne fell on the bed. She had to clear her head, because there was a lot to be done. She had been drinking nonstop since Joe  left  and it felt like hell in her house. She kept seeing Thelma’s face everywhere she turned; maybe she came to avenge her death. She closed her eyes as if trying to shut out her thoughts and wondered how she became this person. She wasn’t a murderer, she wasn’t a nymphomaniac or a lesbian, she wasn’t someone who would desert her family; when did she change so much? When did this all start?

She answered her question as angry tears began their slow trail down the sides of her face. It was Ben. Ben was the one who did this to her. He had used her love for him to manipulate her and turn her into this…. this thing that killed people without thinking twice. She remembered meeting him for the first time; how perfect he looked to her, the way she felt when his eyes took in her whole appearance and then he smiled at her. He had been her first and only love. She remembered finding out that he slept with older women for money and offering to connect him, she would have done anything to make Ben smile then.  Even when he started working for the terrifying chairman lady, she stood by him. She had denied her family and changed her whole identity just to be with him.

She started crying now, as huge sobs racked her body and made her curl up in pain. Ben had started this way before Funmi got into the picture; “Therefore,” she said to the empty room as she wiped her tears “my revenge is against Ben. Benjamin Nwafor, you will have the most painful death anyone has ever dreamt of.”


The Chairman walked towards the waiting car and tipped the boy who had helped with her luggage. She nodded at the driver holding the door open and got into the car, sighing contentedly as the cool interior. The heat here could roast a person. She turned on her phone and smiled when not up to five minutes later, it started ringing; it was Yvonne. Her minions sure were fast.

“Hello ma’am, it’s Yvonne”
“Okay. What’s new?”
“Ben is with Funmi.”
“Why?! I thought you already handled this?”
“I did, but…..”
They’re both too stubborn. I apologize.”
“Never mind. I’m here now. Meet me at the usual place in three hours, and bring Ben with you.”


Funmi shifted and snuggled more comfortably in Ben’s arms. They were both naked on the huge couch in his living room where they had passed out after what seemed like endless bouts of sex the night before. The movement woke him up and he pulled her closer, ready to go more rounds.

She tried to ignore the way it felt as he trailed kisses down her neck to her shoulder and her breasts. There was something she had to ask him, something important that had been troubling her for some days now.

“Hey Ben?”
“Who is The Chairman?” her voice was thinner now, as his hand slowly made its way down her torso. But hearing Funmi talk about The Chairman stopped him cold.
“Huh? Who is what?” he said, feigning deafness as he pulled away from her. “Who is The Chairman?” she asked again.
“Just chill first….” He said as he got off the couch and did a pseudo search for clothes in a bid to organize his thoughts. How did she know about The Chairman? Who told her? The only people who knew about her were himself and Yvonne. Thelma knew too, but he could bet his life on the fact that her knowledge of The Chairman was the reason for her death.

Anyone who finds out about the chairman when she doesn’t want it usually dies. The chairman was the most powerful woman he had ever met. How would he protect Funmi now? Suddenly, his phone rang and he ran to pick it up before Funmi found out who was calling.

“Shit” he muttered as he saw the word “BOSS” on the screen.




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