Indian Man Padlocks Wife Genitals In Other Not To Cheat…Yet Tries To Molest Their Eldest Daughter




38-year-old Sohanlal Chouhan, an Indian man, has been arrested for padlocking his wife’s genitals. His wife, Sitabai Chouhan was rushed to an Indian hospital after she tried to commit suicide. The doctors discovered the padlock when she was being treated. Sitabai had swallowed a rat poison when she discovered her husband was about to molest their eldest daughter and she couldn’t stand up to him. She got married to him when she was 16 and they have five children together.

Police learned that Chouhan put the padlock on his wife’s genitals nearly four years ago because he said other women married into his family have not been faithful. Chouhan began the procedure by drugging his wife, and then he used a needle to puncture holes through both sides of his wife’s labia. He inserted a small padlock through the holes and he locked it every morning before he went to work and unlocks it when he came back from work. Investigators found the key to the padlock hidden in his sock.

He has been arrested and charged with cruelty and voluntarily causing grievous injury.


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