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While lazing around, the next day, after morning lectures, my phone rang. Quickly ransacking my bag and hoping it was my dad (as month don end). Disappointed, I sighed into the receiver,

“Tolani, wetin do you? Who took your bread?” The words jumped at me.

“Liz what is it”, I asked ignoring her snarly question.

“Where are you? Come and meet us at Tanties o”

“See, I am tired, keep my own for me sha”. I was about to end the call when she remembered the arrangement of the previous day.

“Is Viv there?” I asked.

“Yeah, all of us”

“I’m coming, give me ten minutes max”

They all had ordered when I got there.

“There is this little thing called waiting till the table is complete, it is called table manners”, I said with a grin as I pulled the only empty chair around the table. They laughed in unison. “I like your jacket o”, Bola complimented. I expected Viv’s comment, which she rather gave as eyes rolling.

“So?” I asked facing Viv

“She went to order”. I turned to see her in a quite colorful tee shirt with “Sarcasm is one of my many qualities” boldly inscribed on it.

“Hi, Tolani”, I was about to reply when Pharell Williams’ ‘happy’ came up. She excused herself to answer her phone call. She was really getting my good books; fashion sense, premium taste of music. We got chatty immediately laughing at will; it almost felt like we had known each other for years. She was talking about how hard it was pulling her transfer through when Liz’s face went all cold.

“Bola, what’s up, long time no see”, I heard from behind me as I was about to give Liz the ‘what’s wrong face’.

Proudly displaying his 32’s behind me was Damilola. “Tolani, Vivian, Elizabeth”, he said shaking hands with us one after the other.

“OgheneKome”, Kome said as Dami was about to say something. “Kome, I am Damilola, nice meeting you”, he said before turning to us telling us to have fun.

“I don’t mind a piece of that cake, you know”, Kome whispered.

“Trust me, that cake is left-over”. Bola said.

“So much for miss hot- microwave like me”, she replied.

“That’s Liz’s ex”, Viv said.

“Who did you say was the left-over again?” she said tapping Bola’s arm. Bola let out a loud laugh that ended almost as soon as it started. Either due to it was the turning heads in the eatery or the “killer-eye” that Liz gave her. I would bet on the latter.

“What….” Liz was about to school before she interjected.

“I am sorry, very sorry”, Kome said rubbing her palms together to signal begging.

“You had better be, what was that suppose”

“I am sorry, joke gone badly”. Although they got over it soon, the air over the remaining part of the eat-out was uneasy with Bola throwing most of the jokes (I being the butt of most) throughout. Oh! We finally added her to the BBM group and the clique officially. The lines are five now*yaay. It would be nice to have one more member so we could be six same as the total number of the lines (go figure).

Kome seems a lot nice and I am sure I would soon be losing my spot as Bola’s best friend to Kome; she is Bola in a milder form, free spirit and a male specie liker. I will not even lie that I am not jealous but she really is a nice person and I sure will get over it soon. I cannot say the same for Liz, it seems like that joke took her back to the Damilola days. She gets all grumpy at sight of Kome. We exchanged PINS and she introduced me to a lot of good music, most of them from up and coming artistes. One is Timzil that one is R and B for ages. She laughed at me suggesting that she should try out working for a radio station. “Me and my very unsexy voice abeg, I’ll pass on that one o Tolani,” she said in her voice note. Damn, I am getting a best friend too.


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