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Ben rushed around the house getting ready, while he ignored Funmi as she followed him asking questions in that whinny voice that he really hated. She reminded him a lot of his former favourite customer; Mrs T in that respect.

“Stop!” he yelled when she asked what her father told him and whether it was about the chairman for the umpteenth time. “We can’t talk now, but I’ll explain stuff to you when I get back. Just wait for me.” he said and kissed her goodbye.

He got into his car and started driving towards Funmi’s house, praying he wasn’t driving to his death. Chief Owolabi could have called him into a trap and he wasn’t ready to die this way. His phone started ringing and picked it up to see who; it was Yvonne. He threw it in the backseat and focused on his driving. He didn’t have time for her issues today; he couldn’t deal; not with all the tension he was feeling right now.

He still had to end things with Mrs T, and he still wasn’t sure how to go about that without dying. She was probably in the country and wanted to see him, but she had to wait; there were more pressing issues to attend to.


Yvonne paced the length of the small private room as she repeatedly dialed Ben’s number. The Chairman was going to be around in less than an hour to see them and he wasn’t picking his calls. He had to come so they could straighten whatever story it was they were going to tell her concerning all their assignments.

They especially had to work on a story for Funmi and Ben, since it would just anger The Chairman and make her hate Ben’s guts even more, if she thought he was trying to lie to her after Yvonne had told her the truth. The Chairman already hated Ben anyway, since he was the kind of bastard that would fuck both mother and daughter.

She smiled and sat down, deciding to make up her own story instead. She knew something Ben didn’t know, no one else knew that she had found out either. She laughed in glee as she thought of her discovery; The Chairman was the same person as Ben’s Mrs T and Funmi’s runaway mother.


Chief Owolabi dialed Funmi’s number again and sighed when he got no response. The girl was going to hate him forever, when all he was trying to do now was protect her. He sighed again, regretting being caught the other day. He remembered thinking it weird that Yvonne had suddenly forgiven him and even offered to come give him a special treat in the office just few days after. He stood staring at the world outside his window, as he thought about what the Ifa priest had told him. He had been told to protect his daughter as something really terrible was coming his way. The priest had also made a very disturbing prophecy; one life would be lost, one totally destroyed and one made empty. None of those seemed a feasible option for Funmi’s lifestyle in the nearest or distant future.

He grimaced as he thought about his daughter’s future, this wasn’t what he had planned for her. He had wanted her at least to end up well. His sins were coming back to haunt him, this he knew for sure. He should have let her have a mother growing up, he shouldn’t have done what he did to her. He shook his head as he flashed back to when he was young and in love. Tolani; Funmi’s mother had been the nicest purest girl, and she was from a rich family. He had fallen in love with her money before her and had gone to lengthy extremes to keep her money by marrying her, but he loved the money more and his love had come between them in a way no one or force of nature could fix.


Mrs T looked at her reflection in the compact mirror on her hand and smiled at her reflection. She looked like the kind of person people thought she was, not like the person she really was. She sighed at the thought of all the facades she had to put up just to exact her revenge on Labi. She was going to destroy him, if it was the last thing she did. She refused to think about how many lives this would affect, or how it would affect them. She looked away from her reflection as she thought about her daughter, so like her in many aspects.

Funmi would stick with man she loved without thinking about consequences or what other people said, the same way she had stuck with Labi all those years ago. The difference was that unlike her, Funmi didn’t know Ben was using her to inherit all her father’s wealth and still stick with him. She had known Owolabi was after her father’s money, had caught him with numerous women in various compromising situations, but she had still married him and gotten pregnant. She had believed that having a child would change him, but that had only made things worse. His thirst for wealth kept multiplying and she didn’t mind giving him shares in her father’s company and encouraging the old man to hand over some business to her husband. She loved him enough to do literally anything for him, except of course, to die. This was why she had decided to run away, when one day she snuck up on him talking to a priest of some sort and taking directions on how to put something in her food, so it would make her obey his every command. According to the priest, she would be like his personal errand zombie for life, and the only way to reverse the spell was death; his.

She had watched in horror as her husband rehearsed a spell that would leave her useless for the rest of her life while he poured something in her food. Her only thought was escape as she ran out of the hell she called home. Now, she was back after spending all those years by herself, without her family, and she was going to destroy Labi. She picked up her phone and dialed Yvonne’s number.

“Is Ben with you?”
“No, ma’am.”
“I couldn’t get him on his phone. I’m guessing he’s with Funmi.” Yvonne said, hoping to get a rise out of her; she succeeded.
“What?! Did you call him?”
“He didn’t answer any of my calls.”
“Really? Where’s Funmi?”
“Her father’s house.”
“And where’s her father?”
“My guy said he went out earlier, but they don’t know if he returned yet or if he’s at work.”
“Okay. Keep an eye on him and move our meeting to tomorrow.”

Mrs T sighed again and ordered the driver to turn around and head towards Chief – she supposed she could call him that – Owolabi’s house. She had to deal with that Ben boy and talk some sense into her daughter.


Funmi hailed another cab and muttered her thanks to the gods when it stopped. She rasped out her address and ordered him to drive fast. She knew her father wasn’t the one Ben was going to meet, it was probably the chairman lady he had been talking to, probably one of his “customers”. She was going to end it today, she was going to make him choose; her or the chairman?




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