(SERIES) Dominoes Ep.12 by @Mzz_Kemmie


Episode 12 of Dominoes by Kemmie Ola is here Check it out below! Enjoy! :)

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Mrs T got out of the car and stared at what had been her home for the happiest six years of her life. She took a deep breath and entered the house, deciding to face her daughter today. It was either now or never. She headed straight for the door, refusing to look either right or left, for fear she would lose courage and turn back, which annoyed her. She had prepared to be back here, to face this. Her revenge was planned so well, she was sure nothing could fail. Why was everything falling apart?

She ignored the guard calling out to her to stop because “Oga no dey house, and you don’t got an appointment.”

“Get” she said absentmindedly, then “He’s expecting me.” which seemed to satisfy him, because he turned around and went back into his little building near the gate. She got to the front door, opened it, entered the house and reeled as she came face to face with Owolabi and Ben.

“What are you doing here?!” she asked


Funmi urged the driver to go faster as she repeatedly dialed Ben’s number. Why wasn’t he picking? She ignored the notification telling her she got a text from her father – if she could still call him that – and tried to think of anything other than Ben with another woman. She couldn’t understand his obsession with older women. Her phone started ringing and Yvonne’s name on the screen made her scream in rage and then apologize immediately to the driver who was becoming more than a little bit irritated. She picked the call and asked what Yvonne wanted.

“I’m not calling to apologize, just wanna drop some gossip real quick.” Yvonne slurred drunkenly.
“What info?” she asked still calm.
“Well, remember that time you said your mother left and I said I bet she’s still around?”
“Yeah? So………..?”
“Wait! Let me finish!!” Yvonne screeched and then laughed. “So, your mother is very much around. As a matter of fact, I’ve made it so your mother is in your house with your father and Ben right now. I bet you are rushing over there to catch Ben doing something mildly annoying, but that won’t happen today; something worse will.

Yvonne’s laughter got on her nerves, so she put the phone away from her ears and waited then brought it back. “What the fuck are you talking about Yvonne?” she asked and got another earful of drunken laughter.

“Don’t worry darling, you’ll find out everything at the family meeting.” Yvonne said and hung up. Funmi stared at her phone and wondered if Yvonne was just trying to mess with her head or if she was telling the truth. She knew that Ben and Yvonne were cousins from a very dysfunctional family and they hated each other a lot, but she didn’t understand why. She angrily dialed Yvonne’s number again and waited. Fuck this; she wasn’t going to take their bullshit anymore.

“What?!” Yvonne screamed into her ear and she jumped.
“I’m not doing this shit anymore Yvonne, tell me what’s going on!”
“You sure you wanna do this? The shock might kill you.” Yvonne said a bit serious now
“Yes. I’m sure” Funmi replied and braced herself. She had to do this today; it was now or never.

“Okay then. Story story, there was once a woman betrayed in love……”

Funmi’s hand wrapped and then tightened around the small pistol in her purse as she listened to Yvonne’s story. It was funny, and kind of ironic that she had found the gun in one of Ben’s drawers, because this gun was going to kill him today. The bastard, she’d make sure he died by her hands. Yvonne could rot in her guilt for all she cared. She listened to everything as tears started to roll down her face.

Her father was the only innocent one. She cried tears of pain and sorrow, even when Yvonne had stopped speaking and thought about Ben and Yvonne and Thelma and her mother. Bastards, the whole lot of them; evil bastards.


Chief Owolabi stared at Tolani and Ben stared at Mrs. T; they all wondered what was happening as they stared at each other. Mrs. T was the first to speak.

“I asked you a question Ben, what are you doing here?” she said and turned towards him, fighting for calm.
“Um… I’m uh….. I just…… Business. It’s business.” He replied refusing to look her in the eyes.

“How are you? Where have you been?” Chief Owolabi asked, but she gave him a chilling look and continued speaking to Ben as if he hadn’t spoken at all.
“Tolani, I’m speaking to you. Answer me.” Chief Owolabi said reaching out to turn her towards him. She slapped his hand away as if it burnt her and turned her back to him. Why was he here? Why did Yvonne lie to her? She wanted to be The Chairman right now, not weak, wimpy Tolani.

Chief Owolabi watched Tolani and wondered whether this was the misfortune the Ifa priest had spoken about. Tolani’s fake calm wasn’t fooling him, he knew her too well for that. She was angry and afraid. He could practically smell her anger. Suddenly, Tolani turned towards him; “Do you know everything?” she asked.

“About what?”
“About me, what I’ve been doing.” She waited for his answer. His smirk told her all she needed to know, she hadn’t been able to hide much from him.
“Did you really think you could hide anything from me? I’m Owolabi Jones, I know all, including you. You’re the same Tolani who knew all the terrible things I did and still kept her mouth shut.”

Ben stared at the both of them in confusion. What the hell was going on here? The Chairman had told him Chief Owolabi was a business partner of sorts who had screwed her over in the past and she just wanted to mess around with his life for a bit. He knew Yvonne knew the full story and did most of the work, but he didn’t imagine the full story was this bad.

“And where is my daughter? I came here to see her.” She deciding to ignore Owolabi and his god complex. Chief Owolabi just pointed at Ben who started to stammer again. “Where is she?” she asked again, her voice more menacing. Ben opened his mouth, about to say something but he was interrupted by Funmi suddenly barging into the room; she had crazy eyes. He settled for pointing at the door instead and Mrs. T turned to look at her daughter.




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