(SERIES) Dominoes Ep.13(Season’s Finale) by @Mzz_Kemmie


Episode 13 of Dominoes by Kemmie Ola is here Check it out below! Enjoy! :)

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Funmi stared at the woman who was supposedly her mother, her father’s arch enemy, Yvonne’s boss and Ben’s lover/boss. She looked nothing like her mother, or anyone’s mother for that matters she thought as her eyes moved past her to Ben who stood behind her, frozen in a mixture of fear and shock. Her father started to reach for her, but she put up a hand to stop him and whatever he was going to say.

“I know everything.” She said and turned to face her mother “Isn’t this the part where you arrange to have me killed?”
“Um, I don’t….” Mrs. T started and cleared her throat “Wait, what?! Everything? What everything? How……. Who told you?” the look in Funmi’s eyes scared her, it reminded her of the look she used to have when her thirst for revenge was at its peak.

“Oh, yeah. Yvonne did. She also told me to let you know that she’d be killing herself before you get around to doing it for her.” Funmi said and turned to face Ben.
“Now you, have you been fucking her?” she asked nodding at her mother as she brought out the gun and pointed it at him. “Note that lies equal a slower, more painful death and truth equals life.”

Ben stared at her for about five seconds, before the sound of the gun’s safety being released woke him up. “Yes” he replied.
“Did you know she was my mother?”
“No, never. I’m not that…….”
“Shut up. Did you plan to fuck her today?”
“No” he was visibly shaking now; he could see that she meant business.
“Okay, seems you aren’t really the problem.” She said to Ben and turned to face her mother. He started to relax when she suddenly turned and shot him in the thigh. She ignored his howl of pain and faced her mother again. Chief Owolabi stood in the background, afraid to stop his daughter. She had gone off the dark edge and he didn’t know how to stop her. He moved closer to Tolani, maybe they could talk to their daughter together; make her calm down and drop that gun.

“Did you know we were involved?” she asked her mother.
“Yes, but……..”
“Shut up. Did you know I was your daughter?” she asked again “Stop moving” she said to her father as she saw him trying to whisper into the old whore’s ears.
“Yes, but I didn’t think………” Mrs. T started. Everything after that happened so fast it was hard to keep track of it.

Funmi leveled the gun at her mother and shot, but heard her father howl and saw him drop to the floor instead. Her hands started to shake at the sight of her father on the ground and she dropped the gun without meaning to. There was a nanosecond’s pause as everyone froze to watch the gun hit the ground. She stood frozen as she watched her father lay on the floor, saw Ben by the corner trying to stop the blood coming out of his wound, watched her mother pick the gun and level it at her. She didn’t care about her mother or the gun in anyway. She moved to the spot where her father lay while her mother and Ben watched her with wary eyes. She knelt by his lifeless body and stared at his eyes; wide open as if he had gone into shock right before he died.

She dashed at the tears rolling down her face and thought of all the million other ways she had imagined him dying. She had never, not at any point in her life thought she would kill her father. Sudden rage overcame her and she stood and charged towards her mother.

“You bitch! It’s your fault! This is all your fault!”

The suddenness of Funmi’s movement surprised her so much the little gun almost slipped out of her hands. Funmi took the opportunity and started to grapple with her for the gun. Her mother was surprisingly strong, Funmi noted as she tried to pull the gun from her mother’s sweaty palms. The sound of a gunshot suddenly rent the air and they both let go of the gun and fell to the floor. Funmi closed her eyes and waited for the pain that came right before the numbness, but it didn’t come. She stood up and gaped when she saw her mother sprawled on the floor between her father and Ben. It looked eerily planned; the woman dying between her husband and her lover.

Mrs. T watched her daughter as the darkness pulled her. She held on to her wits just long enough to really look at her face.

“So beautiful, so very beautiful.” She sighed. “I’m sorry.” She whispered as she breathed her last.

Funmi stared at the bodies on the floor and cried. Ben was still alive, but he was unconscious now. He was probably going to bleed to death. She cried for her father and for her Ben and for Yvonne – who was probably dead by now. She wondered how she would explain to the police, to her extended family, to Ben’s family, to the world how this had happened. She sank to the floor as she contemplated on her next course of action. The sight and smell of all the blood was starting to get to her, so she stood to leave with the gun in her hand.

“Madam, I just commot go piss for back, na im I hear one kain noise wey be like gu……..!” The security guard stopped immediately as he came face to face with Funmi. He opened his mouth to ask her what happened, right before he saw the bodies on the floor behind her. His eyes shot straight to the gun in her shaking hand.

“Chineke mme!” he shouted and ran to check the bodies while she watched him. “I can’t do this.” she thought to herself. She didn’t want to have to explain herself when the police came, or the family for that matter. She had killed her father, and possibly Ben too – indirectly. There was no justification for what she had done and she would be punished one way or the other.
“So why not do it myself?” she murmured just as the gate man started back towards her.
“Madam, wetin ha…..” his question naturally morphed into a shout when she lifted the gun and pointed it at her head. She closed her eyes tight and pulled the trigger.

The last thing she heard before giving in to the numbness was Ben’s strangled “Don’t”. She smiled as she took one last deep breath; at least he’ll live, at least he didn’t fall to his death.



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  1. Errr….the story is cool tho, the suspense is interesting but this ending is not well thought of kinda unrealistic, seems like d writer was jst making it up while typing. Y wld funmi such a soft babe want to kill anybody wit a gun and then she mistakenly fires two shots that kills both her parents. Reminds me of all these nollywood movies.

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