Air Search For Missing Malaysian Plane Officially Comes To An End

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After over 7 weeks since the disappearance of MH370, authorities have officially called off all air search .To mark the official end of the international search, all the men and women who took part in the search posed for farewell photos with their aircraft in Perth Australia.

They say an underwater search for the Boeing 777, will still continue for an indefinite amount of time.Prime Minister Tony Abbott has conceded that if anything was left floating after the aircraft had, as experts believe, come down in the ocean, it would by now have become waterlogged and sunk.
Eight nations Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Malaysia, the US, Japan, South Korea and China were involved in the search, covering more than two million square miles.It is the biggest search in Aviation history.
Despite all the reports of pings from the black box, not a single piece of debris, stretch of oil, or a clue of any kind has been found to pinpoint the location of the plane.

MH370 lost contact on March 8 with 239 passengers and crew.
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