(PICZ) Two Car Snatchers Saved From Lynching In Asaba By Nigeria Police


Police in Delta state has apprehended two robbery suspects believed to be specialists in car snatching and refurbishing. Nemesis caught up with the hoodlums yesterday at the Delta State Secretariat in Asaba.
An eye witness stated that the sharp eyes of the owner of the car and a Director in one of the Ministries saved his car.

The three thieves who came in Toyota Camry already succeeded in opening and starting the Toyota Corolla, but the Director who sighted them from his office rushed to the gate to have the main gate locked. However, one of the car thieves managed to escape, while two were apprehended. The timely intervention of the Nigeria police force to the scene saved the two arrested thieves from being lynched after they were stripped niked.

It will be recalled that several cars have been stolen in the past from the State Secretariat. The arrested car thieves are currently cooling off at the State Police command.

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