Please Stop disrespecting your First Lady – Open Letter to Nigerians


Open Letter to Nigerians – Please Stop disrespecting your First Lady

In the last one week the craze in the net is quite disgusting, with many attacking the first lady with malicious intent and purposes.

Now am here to defend her as my Mother and by virtue the mother of all Nigerians in this dispensation, She called a security meeting to contribute her own quota to finding lasting peace that is gradually evading us Nigerians as a nation, I do know she has no right to summon theHead of the various military agencies, but she did had a security meeting…which those concerned ought to attend which they failed to attend for some political reasons.

And you know Mama Peace is not a pretender, she says things the way she feels it, if you like lie about stuffs to cover for her, when ever she grabs the mantle she have this penchant of contradicting lies told to the general public, but what disgust me is the way many prominent Nigerians has castigated her in the last few days… starting with the Prof. Wole Soyinka to the last man out there who thinks they are well versed over the usage of English.

The way folks undermined her prompted me to challenge and defend her because of the simple truth which is we all have mothers and no one would fold his hands and allow their mothers disrespected the way we have done lately.

Way back in school the brightest student in our class have this same problem with ‘Spoken English’, the way he abuse the language

with mother tongue interference will make one believe he is an Illiterate but he isnt, when you try him in other sphere you will be amazed that he is a genuis in obscurity.

Let’s not forget the language we speak is borrowed and nobody can claim ownership including the originators of the language, over the years many countries are adopting their own pattern of English, in years to come maybe we might jus have our own peculiar unique Nigerian

English, so before we start abusing the First Lady over some western Pedagogical concept, let us pause for a while and criticize with good intentions not this malicious wickedness that has been trending online lately.


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  1. This is indeed a “Olodo” site. How can you put up a strong argument with very weak defense? This shows low I.Q status. We are talking about a public figure, role model, face of Nigerian women… and you are saying rubbish. You better no carry your offering pass altar.

  2. Truly, from what i have read here, she s definitely your mummy like you claim. even the English na the same! “but she did HAD a security meeting…” Had? Ok, we haff hearing, we will sopping.

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