(VIDEO) U.S Would Not Send Armed Forces To Nigeria


Based on investigation, there are no U.S forces in Nigeria other than the ones supposedly protecting delegates at the World Economic Forum on Africa, which is on-going at Abuja. Vanguard, Newswatch and some Nigerian media are misleading
Nigerians for reasons unknown.

Contrary to the widespread speculations and rumours about the US marines in the Northern part of the country, U.S. President, Obama affirms that the U.S. will help Nigeria in combating the insurgence. Obama, in an interview with ‘CBS This Morning’ said:

We’re sending in a team made up of… Military, law enforcement and other experts. And we’re very glad that Nigeria has accepted the help. Obviously, what’s happening is awful and as a father to two girls I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. Erhm… but this organization, Boko Haram has been one of the worst regional or local terrorist organizations in the world. We’ve long sought to work with Nigeria on dealing with them and we’re gonna do everything we can to assist them in recovering young women


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