Prostitute Murders Catholic School Teacher For Refusing To Pay For Her Services

A community was shocked by the death of a beloved teacher. However, the circumstances that surrounded his death was even more surprising. 61-year-old Alan Filan, was a Catholic teacher at the Brother Rice High School, in Chicago, Illinois. He was found dead in his home in Orland Park, with 14 stab wounds to his body.

Investigators discovered a pile of escort advertisements in his home. 21-year-old Alisha Walker, a prostitute from Ohio, was arrested several days later in Indiana, and charged with killing Filan. Detectives investigating the murder were able to track Walker to a motel in Fort Wayne, after reading text messages on Filan’s cellphone that were sent from a phone number that was also listed in a advertisement, which they had found in the teacher’s home. When extradited to Illinois and questioned by police, Walker said that she acted in self-defense because Filan grabbed a knife in a dispute over payment.

Walker, who has an extensive criminal record including multiple counts of prostitution, drug possession and assault, told investigators that she had met with Filan in his home at least two times before the day of the murder.

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