Actor Jim Iyke Cheating Scandal: Nigerian Lady Exposes Emma Agu

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A Nigerian lady who knows Emma Agu, the man who is all out against Jim Iyke, has decided to expose him:

Let me start off by saying, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Emma Agu is the last person who should accuse ANY man of cheating because he is definitely not holy, to say the least. I think he’s been getting away with running people down and bullying people in the Entertainment Industry for so long that it seems that most of his Victims just let him get away with his ABUSE.

I don’t understand how a man with such a disgusting history of marital infidelity can cast the “first stone” and think it’s his place to call other people out when he was caught RED HANDED barely 4 months ago by his wife, who had hired a Private Investigator to follow him for a year and documented numerous rendevous he had with married women. She eventually confronted him after a weekend of frolicking with a married woman with 4 Kids (name withheld) and all hell broke lose. She even kicked him out of their house in New York and locked him out of his Studio.

I usually do not engage in public confrontation but I think as the Founder of Nigerian Celebrity Network, I owe a sense of duty to nip this in the bud. His marriage is now irretrievably broken that a divorce is in progress and his Immigration status in jeopardy.

From what I know, he has a history of chasing after married women who are in the Entertainment Industry in the guise of helping them promote their career.
He is a Chameleon that uses the Entertainment Industry as a disguise to con all these women into a relationship. I spoke to one of the women and she told me that she got sucked into having a relationship with him by promises to help manage her music career but obviously, he managed more than her career.

He forced himself on yet another married woman/Musician based in Canada (name withheld) and almost ruined her marriage. When the woman’s husband found out and confronted him on the phone about it, he went into his usual attack mode.

He has also been accused of video recording some of these married women nude, without them being aware they were being recorded. He will lure them on Skype and push the record button without them knowing; one of the women is a Pastor in Canada (name withheld). Only to turn around and blackmail these women into either continuing in that relationship, giving him money or trying to destroy their marriages.

I am not speakng for speaking sake because like I said I really do not get into public confrontation, I am a strong believer in dialog and direct communication with whoever you have a beef with. I believe all issues can be resolved in a very diplomatic way rather that the show of shame that we have been subjected to in the last few days as regards Jim Iyke, Nadia Buari, and keturah Hamilton Love Triangle

?I am speaking up today as an insider who is privy to some of the facts surrounding this whole Saga. Emma Agu was my friend up until 3 weeks ago when he tried to use his bullying tactics on me while I was vacationing in Costa Rica.

I know too much about his personal life to categorically say that he should not be the one to point a finger at ANYONE and acting all holier than thou. I think he’s a Chronic Womanizer, a Pathological Liar and a Sadist who should be on some sort of medication.

He has made a lot of enemy in the Entertainment Industry and have spewed so much nonsense about some of the most hard working Celebrities in the US, as well as Nigeria. At this point in our history we should be encouraging one another to help bring out the best that the Entertainment Industry has ever seen rather than purposely and maliciously try our darnest to bring people down emotionally, mentally, psychologically and breaking them down physically. I think enough is enough and Emma Agu needs to go and get a life.

If he chooses to attack me due to this publication, I will be forced to release additional information that will show the only thing his sadistic and psychotic nature enjoy is to see other people in pain and sorrow.

Kenturah was a friend to Emma Agu as well as Jim Iyke, who confided in him. Except, they did not realize in time, like I did, that when you dine with the Devil, a very long spoon is beneficial.

We have seen numerous instances of Celebrities who embraced him and ended up being backstabbed and I’m sure a lot of Celebrities will come out after reading this, to corroborate. I think he needs to put an end to his psychotic behavior by seeking prompt medical attention because I believe he can surely use some medication that would help balance the chemical in his brains, if they are out of wack!

I’m certain he’s going to visit the different blogs that will publish this story under multiple profiles – I have counted about 30 Blogger accounts and several Facebook accounts that he operates under to attack innocent people. Like seriously, who does that? Who has this much time on their hands? If he is busy running a radio as he claims, he won’t have time to go after people just to tear them down and destroy all their hardwork. Those are saddistic tendencies and having associated with him in the past year I am convinced, he needs help and all this attention seeking might indirectly be a cry for help.

I’m hoping he still has a few good friends left that he hasn’t backstabbed who can help him get some medical intervention.

As for Nadia and Jim iyke, I wish them all the best and wish they can mend the damage and move past this nightmare because we can all agree they have a beautiful thing going for them. I also wish Keturah all the best and the most appropriate #PillowTalkWithFAB Advice in this circumstance is “Be Careful Who You Tell Your Secrets To”! – Marion Amanambu akaFAB of Nigerian Celebrity Network.

By Marion Amanam

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  1. This is Natasha – emma agu’s ex-wife and I want to clear my name once and for all. I am getting a divorce from that crazy man after enduring years of cheated with different married women and being physically, emotionally and mentally abused. I sent him packing out of my house since February 2014 and have since changed my cell phone number so he cannot reach me. I have also reported him to US Immigration Services so they can review his temporary green card status which he got through me and I hope they will revoke it. Emma used me for many years and heaped a pile of debt in my name. Just google his website and you will see that he used my name to register all the domain. He used my money to buy computer equipment and other things. His game is up and he is on his own now. He is a lazy son of a bitch that has never had a job in America since I met him, just sucking me dry like a leech. He is a worthless hypocrite and a disgrace to all men. I don’t think I will trust any man again after all that this man has put me through.

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