Delta State Polytechnic Lecturer Was Laid Off For Sleeping With A Virgin Female Student


A senior lecturer in Delta State Polytechnic Otefe Oghara has beenlaid off for allegedly sleeping with a female student who is a virgin.

The lecturer Mr Ovie Osiobe who happened to be taking the female student (name withheld) two different courses toasted the student and she did refused the lecturer on several occasions and after which the lecturer started using force and authority on her, he threatened to fail her if she keep refusing him from sleeping with her.

At the end of the semester Mr Ovie Osiobe failed the student just because she refused sleeping with him, now after so many pressures on the girl and having his course as carry over to write the student decides to give the lecturer what he wanted and unknowing to the lecturer that the student is a virgin.

A girl of 22 being a virgin and has no experience, she started feeling some severe pains and had to go home for treatment, getting home she was put in bed for observation by their family doctor, the doctor then ask her some questions which then lead to the girl spilling out the whole truth on how the stupid lecturer Mr Ovie Osiobe forcefully slept with her because she was afraid of being failed by the lecturer for the second time.

The parents of the girl then came with her to the school to see the rector and after which now lead to the rustication of the lecturer from the school.

I come to imagine how wicked human beings can be, a married man with a wife at home sleeping with innocent girls, and if they refused, they get failed even when what they write could pass then. I think the lecturer deserves to be rusticated because he is a big disgrace to the institution. It will also serves as a warning to many others doing such things, judgement day is coming for all of them.

See pictures of lecturer Ovie Osiobe with wife below…
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