Sudanese Government To Free Woman Sentenced To Death For Apostasy


The Sudanese Government said it will free Mariam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death by hanging for denouncing her Islamic religion.

A Sudanese Under-secretary at the foreign ministry Abdullahi Alzareg said Sudan guaranteed religious freedom and was committed to protecting the woman. He said Mariam would be free from prison in a matter of days.

Meanwhile her lawyer, Elshareef Ali Mohammed has expressed reservations over the government’s new position, saying they are just trying to divert international attention from the case and that he doubts she would be freed soon

“It’s a statement to silence the international media. This is what the government does. We will not believe that she is being freed until she walks out of the prison. If they were to release her, the announcement would come from the appeal court and not from the ministry of foreign affairs. But at least it shows our campaign to free Mariam is rattling them. We must keep up the pressure.” he said

Mariam gave birth to her second baby in prison on Tuesday May 27th.

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  1. If the Sudan Law says if one changes from Islam to any other religion he or she will be sentence to death, then I don’t think they are practising Islam, because am yet to hear or see where in the Holy Quran that os written. I know the Holy Quran said don’t force anybody to do Islam(10Vs99. And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed, all of them together. So, will you (O Muhammad SAW) then compel mankind, until they become believers.

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