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MSL, an online financial education platform, today unveiled a programme called the MSL bonus plan which was designed to reward people for helping to promote financial literacy in Nigeria using the MSL platform.

According to an official statement released by the MSL team, MSL’s primary objective is to enhance Nigeria’s economic growth and development by promoting financial literacy in Nigeria and what better way of doing so than rewarding people financially for joining their cause.

MSL uses online content like illustration videos, articles, assessment tests etc to promote financial literacy.

The MSL bonus plan was designed to reward people for introducing MSL to other people. The MSL bonus plan has been described as straight forward, unique, easy to understand, flexible, affordable and highly rewarding.

The MSL team also revealed that the networking model which was adopted to build the MSL bonus plan is not sustainable in the long – run but is very useful for promoting good causes like theirs and at the same time rewarding promoters with immediate financial benefits. It was also stated that the people who get on board early enough will be the ones to reap the maximum benefits of the MSL bonus plan.

MSL is thereby inviting all Nigerians especially the youth to join them in promoting financial literacy in Nigeria in order to enhance our economic growth and development.

The MSL team also stated that MSL is a cool and trendy brand that is here to stay as they are fully equipped with the required resources needed to provide adequate financial education to millions of Nigerians using their custom built online platform.

To learn more about MSL and the MSL bonus plan,  Watch The interesting short video about MSL Below.

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