(MUZIK) Loose Kaynon(@LooseKaynon) ~ Hallelujah

Loopy Music Rapper Loose Kaynon is a hard man to stay on top of.
Today, he presents his new single HALLELUJAH, a song which portrays his masterful technique and staying power.
The music and lyrics of the single leave him standing erect among competition, firmly refusing to bend over.
As a rapper, Loose Kaynon is an unstoppable force, who does not allow obstacles get in the way of getting his voice heard, even if this means coming through the proverbial rear entrance.
Where rappers have often failed to penetrate the hearts of fans, Loose Kaynon goes down in the annals as one who bursts through with vigour and energy.
Ladies who listen to this song and try to wrap their hands around it will find themselves collapsing with sheer delight the moment they get the thrust of it.
They are encouraged to repeatedly insert this song into their favourite playlists to have delight spread smoothly and slowly across their faces.
HALLELUJAH was produced by Kid Konnect.
Listen To Hallelujah

Hallelujah~~>  DOWNLOAD HERE

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