‘Why I Want To Go Into Politics’ – Desmond Elliot Explains



Desmond speaks exclusively with Tribune,  on his career, controversies, style and other issues. Read Excerpts:

Desmond Elliot rings a bell now, briefly recall how it began?

I grew up in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. Jos  was a peaceful, wonderful and beautiful place. The environment was just conducive to producing  a lot of entertainers for Nigeria.

You sound rather romantic about Jos, what do you miss about Jos?

I miss the cold weather, the peace of the old serene atmosphere, Jos was just  homely

As an entertainer, what do you wish you could go back to do in Jos, the city you love dearly?

I want to do a film there because the climate is very good for film  production, there would be very good pictures from the rocks on the hills, I just hope peace would be restored there so as to encourage people to come and invest.

We learnt that you want to delve into politics. What experience have you to make a difference on the  state of the nation?

The current situation is very pathetic. I feel God has helped me thus far  and I want to give back  through politics that  will be favourable to the youths. The worst part of our national life  is that the level of corruption has not allowed youths to understand what it means to live a meaningful life . Just because of lack of knowledge of what to do, we are being sidetracked. There are no jobs, and issues like these lead to frustration.

A whole lot needs to be done on agriculture, every state in Nigeria needs to see how it can contribute to nation building. There’s a lot that needs to be done.

What accessories can’t you do without?

I think I can’t go out without a wristwatch

What’s your notion on tattoos

I wouldn’t wear one, but I have no problems with anyone wearing one

In a few years , what do you want to be remembered for?

It would be basically about giving back. I want to be known as a man who gave back to his society

There was this story about you dating two blood sisters, what was it about?

I don’t know. It was baseless. The ladies in question are my wards and I take care of them.

Are you blood relation with them?

Do I have to be related to them by blood?  We are family friends and we have been family friends for years. Their parents  are abroad  and whenever they are in Nigeria, they stay with me, so it was a baseless distraction and the person who did the article about me has since apologised.

There was also a death rumour about you last year, what happened?

It was actually a movie I did, which would be released later this year. I had to get the person who did the story and asked for his reasons.

How  do you cope with negative press?

I have come to understand that there is no way rumours won’t crop up. I have been in this field for the past 15years and there is no way one can be without one word or the other, people will definitely say things about you whether they are true or not.

After the hustle and bustle, how do you treat yourself

I just take a vacation and relax for a few days.

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