(PICZ) Shame! Islamic Cleric Caught Using New Baby’s Placenta For Rituals


An Islamic cleric in Ilorin simply known as Alfa Gani has been arrested by the police for trying to use a new baby he just christened placenta for rituals.

Alfa Gani would have succeeded if not for the youths of the community who were sent out to go round the community to ask for contribution for the repair of their faulty transformer.

On getting to the suspect’s house, the youths were greeted with offensive odour. Worried, they alerted other members of the community about the odour and a crowd marched to his house to question him.

Alfa Gani felt insulted and said they were intruding his privacy and headed to a police station to report the community members so they could be arrested.

Immediately he left, the youths entered his apartment where they met a boy preparing some charms with the baby’s placenta which was the cause of the unpleasant smell in the first place.

The angry youths descended on the boy which made him confess it was the cleric that asked him to make a charm out of it.

Soon after that, the cleric arrived with some policemen and the youths explained what they found. The policemen then decided to search the uncompleted building around his house, and found other human parts.

As that was going on, the mother of the newly born baby who was at home suspected foul play when she heard a new born baby’s placenta was found with Alfa Gani who christened her child, she ran to where the placenta was buried, and it wasn’t there.

The police later arrested the cleric and prevented the angry mob from pouncing on him. His properties were later brought out of his house and burnt, while part of his house was also burnt.

Police in Ilorin says they have begun their investigation on the matter.

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