(ARTICLEZ) ARTISTE & BUSINESS MEN/WOMEN, Ten Clues To Rule Your Game From Kelvin Moses @Realkbliz


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1.PUT GOD FIRST: As a Christian, my first advice to anyone who wants to rule their game is to make God their priority because the Bible book of Psalms chapter 37:4 says “DELIGHT THYSELF ALSO IN THE LORD, AND HE SHALL GIVE THEE THE DESIRE OF THINE HEART”. Serve God with fear. Also, prayer is the key; if there is a man to pray, there will be a God to answer. But spend time in thanks giving prayer, rather than demanding. God can work for us without our prayers but he urges us to pray because it for our good.

2.BELIEVE: Take your mind off your present situation. Believe in yourself. Forget the past and work towards the future, clung on the things of God, let your past be a story to tell. One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to debase yourself and so, I suggest that you have some confidence in yourself. Be bold. Let your past be a gossip for those that will gossip, and let your future be a jubilation, celebration, testimonies of how you scale through.

3. FIGHT TO WIN, FIGHT TO DEFEAT. DETERMINATION: If you work hard you’ll reach them, if you work harder you’ll overtake them. Greatness, success is not achieve by ASPIRATION, but by DESPERATION, because when you are eager or desperate you’ll work harder.  My G, its as simple as it sound,but you ought to make it on your own, no human will help you, but they’ll promise, and nobody cares, until your there. Prayer, Creativity, and determination, that’s all it takes, never be deter, don’t relinquish, just Push it to the limit. Until you see the outcome, stop been shy of what your friends will say or think, but do somethings new and if you win, they’ll celebrate with you. Surely you’ll be mocked, depress, disappoint, but turn all that to motivation. Help yourself, because heaven help those that helps themselves..

4. BE PUNCTUAL: Punctuality brings honour, it makes people respect you and so punctuality should be one of your habits. For your appointments and even when you are a delegate, arrive on time. Prepare towards every meeting in advance and be sure to know the directions to your meeting venue. Punctuality is a sign of responsibility and thus should not be joked with.

5. BE AT THE RIGHT PLACE: As simple as this sounds, a lot of us take this rule for granted. You have to strive to be at the right place at all times because only then would you be located by success. A doctor who is always in the club drunk is as useless as the moon at noon. So, what ever the line of business you are into, be sure that you are never absent from the location where your skills are needed.

6. MINDSET: Your triumph, Your success is a result of your mindset and determination. It’s as easy to outline your goals for the day &
Work towards achieving them. Now you should only place your mind on achieving Success, attaining Greatness, and always stay positive. A good business man, or artiste should at lease expect and also learn how to overcome or face disappointment and depression, because that  can make an undetermined man to relinquish. I urge you to always place your mind on greatness/success/enormous things, learn how to face disappointment, but never expect it, and stay positive.

7. BE MUNIFICENT: There is a Biblical saying that a man’s gift makes ways for him. When necessary, show acts of generosity and kindness. Also, with no intention of giving a bribe, sending gifts to the one from whom you need favour could work wonders.

8. WORK FOR GROWTH: Don’t be given to excuses because excuses devalue people. There are almost a thousand reasons why you can’t make it but work for the few reasons why you can. Work for growth and work with time. A tenant with numerous cars is not an example of growth. To me, growth is  when you move from being a tenant to being a landlord. So step up your game. Work and pray, I promise you, you’ll see the quantum leap.

9. DRESS AND SPEECH: Your appearance and speech determine the category into which you are put. When you look trashy or dirty in the same clothes, people may tend to look down on you. However, you can put on the same pair of clothes and still be presentable and neat. You can’t say that you are an artiste and yet can’t speak properly,what would be of you when you are called to address a crowd or when you are in a surprise on Air interview? Seek ways of improving yourself in all aspects and watch yourself soar out of mediocrity.


Take a worthy time to doxologies, thank the creator for everything and anything you’ve seen or else you’ll loose all. Remember what (Psalms 28:5) says “BECAUSE THEY REGARD NOT THE WORKS OF THE LORD, NOR THE OPERATION OF HIS HAND, HE SHALL DESTROY THEM, AND NOT BUILD THEM UP. Regardless of your situation or standard you ought to doxologize. No matter what you are going through, NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT

I hope this helps you.



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