Juliet Ibrahim Warns OAPs To Stop Joking About #EbolaVirus



Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim is upset with on air personalities who have been joking about Ebola on air. The actress says it makes no sense when people who are supposed to pass information across to the masses joke about such an important issue. She also asked people to stop sending senseless BC’s because it’s not a joking matter and anyone can fall victim of the disease if care is not taken especially when people in neighbouring countries have been dying and some with their entire family. Her words;

Seriously it’s sad how many are so ignorant and heartless. Our brothers and sisters in neighboring countries are dying daily from a deadly viral disease that has no cure and could hit any one of us if we are not careful yet we have others senselessly waking up in d morning taking time off their jobless schedules to type rubbish and broadcast it! Must everything be a joke?

Instead of us Africans sitting and trying to work on finding the cure we are joblessly spreading lies about salt water curing Ebola whilst waitin around for America to keep busy in their various labs finding a cure that I am very sure we the same Africans will pay for to get a hold of. Smh! I am really highly disappointed in everyone sending silly BC’s and posting pictures mocking #ebola when der are people been shown on the news daily dying with their entire family. May God save us all, but wise up people.

I am listening to radio and all I keep hearing is jokes about salt water and Ebola jokes like seriously! Wtf! How heartless are these people, instead of using ur airwaves to educate the public these socalled radio personalities are spreading lies and joking with lies! Rubbish rubbish and u all know yourselves crucify me if u like but u all know I am speaking the truth. #endtimes indeed



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