(PICZ)See How The World’s Richest Family Spends Their Holiday



This is not how the rich balls…. it’s exclusive for really wealthy ones

Bill Gates, worth $76billion, his wife Melinda and their three children Rory, Jennifer and Phoebe are currently holidaying in a super luxury yacht moored off the coast of Sardinia, Italy.

The 436ft yacht called The Serene is owned by Stolichnaya vodka magnate, Yuri Scheffler, and is the world’s 9th largest yacht. It has two helicopter landing pads, 12 staterooms, which includes a master suite, one VIP stateroom, seven double cabins and three twin cabins. It has an indoor climbing wall, a dedicated children’s playroom, a fully equipped spa and club, three external swimming pools and one indoors, and an underwater viewing room.

See photos of the family on board the yacht.


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