12 Interesting WhatsApp Tricks For iPhone And Android

WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging app and is very popular among every age of people. So, today we will be sharing some of the best WhatsApp tricks for your Android and iPhone smartphones. You can also try these Whatsapp tricks on other smartphones like Nokia, Java, Symbian, Blackberry and Asha devices and let us know whether it is working or not.

Best Whatsapp Tricks 2014

1. Recover Deleted Messages

It happens that we unknowingly delete messages on Whatsapp and then regret for it. But now you can recover deleted message on Whatsapp by using this simple trick.

WhatsApp stores all your messages on your phone’s external memory (SD card) and for the same reason you can recover deleted messages. Go to SD card > WhatsApp > Databases and find these two files named (msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgtore.db.crypt ). The first file has all the messages that you have sent or received in last seven days and the second file has the messages of the current day. You can read the messages by using an text editor.

2. Send Two Picture as One

If you use WhatsApp consistently then you might have seen a trick where you see one image and when you click on it you get different image. This trick can be achieved with the help of an app called FhumbApp for iPhone and Magiapp tricks for Whatsapp for Android. By using this app you can hide two images in one. This app is only available for Android and iOS devices.

3. Change Your Fiends Profile Picture

Another WhatsApp trick is to change your fiends profile picture. This change will take effect only on your phone and not everyone else. But I think that’s enough to make your friend say how did you do this! Follow below steps to do it.

  • First select a profile picture that you want to set for your friend (anything funny)

  • Resize the photo to 561×561 pixel

  • Rename the photo with your friends mobile number

  • Now save the image in SD card > WhatsApp > Profile picture

  • Put your phone in to flight mode or disable Network and WiFi connectivity

That’s it! It’s show time :D .

4. Create Fake Conversations

If you have seen a screen shot of fake conversation made between Adekola,Chima Igo and John Paul on facebook or any other social network then you might be thinking how do they do it? Well, it’s very simple. All you have to do is download an app Called WhatSaid and easily create fake conversations of celebs to play pranks on your friends.

5. Hide Profile Picture

A profile picture on any account makes it easier to recognize you on any network. Now if you want to hide your profile picture on Whatsapp then download and install a simple app called WhatsApp Plus and there you go online with a hidden profile pic.

6. Find Friends Profile Picture

Sometimes some of our friends put really cool kind of profile picture and we wish to download it. By default WhatsApp doesn’t come with any of the downloading option, but there is a simple workaround to get your friends profile pic. Go to SD card > WhatsApp and Profile Pictures, here you can find all the profile pictures of your friends associated with their mobile number and not names.

7. Stop Automatic Multimedia Content Download

In the earlier version of WhatsApp all the videos, audios and images that your friends sent to you were downloaded automatically. But with the latest update WhatsApp has given an option to stop automatic downloading of multimedia contents. To do this go to Settings -> Chat Settings -> Media auto-download -> and uncheck all the options namely ‘When using mobile data’, ‘when connected on WiFi’ and ‘When roaming’.


8. Send or Upload PDF, APK and ZIP files

WhatsApp has restriction on what file format you send using the app. You can only send videos, images and audios using WhatsApp, but what if you have to send PDF, ZIP and other formats? Here is a simple trick to send PDF, APK and ZIP files using WhatsAPP.

Follow below steps:

  • Download and Install Dropbox app and CloudSend app on your phone

  • Open CloudSend, next you’ll be asked to link CloudSend with Dropbox, allow it.

  • Now share the file or document you want to send on CloudSend

  • After sharing, CloudSend will automatically upload that file with Dropbox and will give a link to that file

  • Now share the link with your friends so that they can download your file. A Bit time-consuming yet effective way to share unsupported formats.

9. Change WhatsApp Themes

This is one of coolest WhatsApp tricks because it allows you to customize your WhatsApp look the way you wish. Now if you are bored with the same WhatsApp theme then her is how to change WhatsApp theme on Android. Download and Install WhatsApp PLUS Holo app and change the look of WhatsApp.

10. Use WhatsApp for Free Even After Expiry

WhatsApp is not a free to use application, but comes with a 1 year free subscription. After the validity you have to purchase WhatsApp by paying $0.99 or INR 64 to get one more year license. Now, if you are unable to pay this small amount then follow this trick to use WhatsApp for Free After Expiry. I have covered the procedure in detailed tutorial.

11. Password Lock WhatsApp on Android Phone

Privacy is important to everyone, but while using WhatsApp you don’t have any inbuilt security option to secure your conversation. But here we have another trick to Password Lock WhatsApp on Android Phone. Click previous link for the detailed tutorial on it.

12. Migrating whatsapp chat history between android and iphone using Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer +. This may help when users switching phones.

These are the 12 best WhstApp tricks that you can try with your WhatsApp Application on your Android and iPhone smartphones. There are other several WhatsApp tricks, which I will update soon. Untill then try these WhataApp tricks on your phone and share with your friends on Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

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