“MY INFINIX ZERO WORLD By A Proud User Of The New Infinix Zero”



Infinix Zero… the future is now!

Consumers are in for a high ride in the ever competitive Nigerian technology market. What, with twitter, Facebook and Instagram filled with endless information about how cool and effective the coming of the Infinix Zero phone is going to be, validated rumours from my tech-guru pals tell me this loaded android phone is going to come at a price even the broke will smile at. They’ve not been able to confirm the price but so far ,but from what I’ve gathered, this French-designed sleek latest entry Infinix “dude” won’t go for more than 30K! Amazing hugh?!

I grinned from cheek-to-cheek when I got the gist. I mean, I looked up the phone online  and with extreme features like the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS, stylish 5-inch HD touchscreen, 13MP rear-camera, up to 32GB expandable micro-SD space, Superfast Octa-core processor(talk about speed 😮 ) , etc., I couldn’t believe my eyes! How could a phone this cool, as good as the Samsung S3, cost so little? Abi na scam …its a deal(dream) come true? My friends laughed at my skepticism, and I shuddered at their seeming gullibility! But, thinking deep on it , their explanations for why the phone would cost much less than what we foresaw is so plausible! Infact, they made me see that the future of buying and selling (the so called demand and supply) is in e-commerce(Online marketing).

With e-commerce, the price of technology would definitely be lower. Think of it, for every Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Tecno phones we buy at Computer Village, billions of naira would have gone into TV, Radio and outdoor advertisement. If you think the organizations endure the advertising costs, you better think twice! The expense is on us customers! Now, enter digital marketing or e-commerce… with Twitter and Facebook mentions, plus other online channels like YouTube, web-page scroll backs, yahoo mail home-page mentions, etc., consumers get the same or better awareness at almost zero advertising cost(talk about cutting costs) ! The result… down comes the market price of phones and possibly all other manufactured products! Brilliant! And it comes at a profit to everyone! E-commerce is definitely the way to go!

Now that this “soon coming” Infinix Zero phone has paved the way, I foresee that all the other phone manufacturers will embrace the strategy. Indeed, the best phones can definitely come at more pocket-friendly prices! Why should we continue to save and save or invest a whole month’s salary to purchase a good phone? All those expensive advertising campaigns can be dodged and only a meagre fraction used on e-commerce channels; this way, people will still get to enjoy the interesting ads but save on costs when they purchase their phones and other manufactured items online. The Nigerian online community is rapidly increasing; the faster this happens, the better for consumers.

Ok, ok, ok… enough said on e-commerce; off I go to www.konga.com to know when I can get my Infinix Zero, With the way things are going I can bet the phone will be out of stock a few weeks after its release date …if not days

Composed by Mayowa Egbeyemi (@iTWEETMAiMiND)  and Published by Hassan Salami ( @H_M_Salami )




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