There Is No Music Industry In Nigeria ~ Etcetera



Controversial artist turned writer, Paul Uche Ejikeme aka Etcetera says there is no music industry in Nigeria yet. When asked what he would do if he had the opportunity to change anything in the Nigerian music industry, he said:

“There is no industry yet my brother. So the only thing that can be changed is everything. What we have is just a bunch of hardworking individuals swimming against the tide to make a living for themselves. We need structures to have an industry. And as we speak, we don’t have that industry yet”

When asked why Nigerian artistes are acknowledged globally even with the seeming no structure he talked about, Etcetera said

“Our artiste are known globally because music is the only universally accepted language. But with structures, our musicians will rip the fruits of their labour and have something to fall back when they are too old to jump on any stage” he said.

When asked if his controversial newspaper publications are not publicity stunts after a failed musical career, Etcetera said:

“You call it controversial, but a lot of other people call it the truth and if you attribute the truth to publicity stunt, then the writers of the bible must be equally guilty. And let’s not forget that the essence of freedom and democracy is for people to be able to air their opinions always without retribution. After all, we are all humans, even though some are political dancers” he said

Asked why he thinks Tiwa Savage, her husband and others publicly criticized him over his publications, he said;

“I think you should ask them. They are the only ones who can answer that question. I am not a shrink or a mind reader. So, I wouldn’t know why they said what they said. People’s rights to their opinion must be respected at all times. As a nation, that is what we are trying to achieve and we will get there someday by God’s grace” he said

When advised to also change his genre of music so he could flourish as most artiste have done, he said;

“I am not a groupie. Nobody sets standards for me. So I make my own part. Goodluck to those artiste that have changed because they thought the new course is better. If there are many routes to the village square, it is left for everyone to choose a more appropriate one. We are a country of diverse ethnicity, why can’t we also be a country diverse in music”



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