Sony Reveals 2.0 Upgrade Coming To Ps4 With Share Play And Youtube Uploads

Big Gaming Console company, Sony got its start in 1946, just after the World War II , when Masaru Ibuka founded an electronics store in a bombed-out department store in Tokyo. Amidst other achievements, they were responsible for building Japan’s very first tape recorder.

As of then, the company was actually known as “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo”; they later changed their name to Sony in 1958 after great increase in consumers.The name Sony actually comes from a mixture of the Latin word “Sonus” (meaning sonic or sound) and the American term “Sonny” (colloquialism for a young boy).

Sony’s first push into the video games market was actually with Nintendo back in 1988 when they worked on a joint project to create a CD ROM drive for the Super Famicom (SNES)

Sony today has announced that Share Play will arrive this fall as part of the PlayStation 4’s 2.00 software update/upgrade. This was first announced during the PS4’s unveiling, Share Play would let any PSN friend literally join in and play your games as far as he/she is a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Here’s is what i mean: only one person could actually own the game. Sony has decided to sell this new feature as a convenient way to have friends help you through the toughest spots of a game’s campaign or earn elusive trophies. I suggest this would be super essential in the dare devil game GOD OF WAR.

rsz_ps4-mobile-appIt’s basically giving your controller to the person sitting next to you in your room/parlor. Sure enough, Sony likens it to a “virtual couch.”. If you could remember this level of flexibility is what Microsoft wanted for the Xbox One before the company’s botched introduction of the console changed everything.

It’s not as radical as what Microsoft wanted, but the underlying concept is the same.

Microsoft suffered a vicious response from the gaming community, as a result of poor communication above all else and that meant the end of many features that could have radically loosened DRM’s grip on console gaming. The original master-plan would’ve allowed owners to buy a physical game, install it, and place the disc on a shelf somewhere that might be instantly forgotten. Of course, you would’ve been able to let friends and family play titles from your own library. Again, that’s even better than Sony’s approach, since you need to be present and actively playing for friends to take control of a game. But none of it happened. It didn’t happen because many addicted gamers were angry about mandatory internet checks where the console would phone home every day to make sure users were still connected. The concept was somewhat foreign and weird for console gamers, but it was also a little bit mandatory for Microsoft to loosen its stand on who truly “owned” what while keeping publishers happy.

Sony have actually set a standard, i personally do always see them as trail blazers and now they are running with it. I would need to get a ton of more information about Share Play to know whether this is truly an avenue for Sony trying to capitalize on Microsoft’s original vision. It sure sounds like it though. Now here is a swift question, Is there actually a time limit that monitors or dictates how long you play a game you don’t own? Are digital purchases eligible, or are disc-based titles also included? How could the $9.99 monthly subscription for PlayStation Plus give way for this flexibility? What Sony are envisaging here sound pretty amazing I’m actually anticipating that in the weeks ahead, we should be expecting to get a better idea of what this share play would actually offer its consumers.

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