13 Amazing Uses For Condoms!

Condoms do a great job of protecting us from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, but did you know they have other great uses too? See other uses.

1. To protect your cellphone from getting wet when you’re out and it’s raining or hiking
2. Filled with ice and frozen to use as ice packs in boxing
3. For cleaning CDs
4. As a slingshot
5. As water balloons or to store water
6. To polish your boots and shoes
7. Over the barrel of a rifle when it’s raining – you don’t even have to take it off to shoot
8. To prevent bait from washing off the hook while trawling for fish. Simply pull the condom over the bait after it’s attached to the hook. Cut the ends off and voila!
9. The lubricant is great for dry hair
10. When swimming, used as a condom to protect against small catfish called candiru that are attracted to urine and blood (and like to travel up the urethra).
10. To smuggle drugs inside the body
11. Archaeologists use them to collect water samples from stalactites for research (see pic above)
12. To protect microphones in transit (using non-lubricated ones)

What other uses do condoms have? Let us know in the comments below.

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