Read The Touching Tribute Sasha Wrote To Her Dad As She Remembers Him 25 Years After



There is never a moment that I am not grateful for being able to call you my father. It was you who taught me that there is a legacy in character. You are the reason I don’t give up, I always want to learn and I never forget where I am from. It was you who told me I am a queen, you who taught me to speak my mind ALWAYS!

You who received me as a birthday present, you who shared only 6 unforgettable years of your greatness with me. Who am I daddy not to be all you worked, prayed, spoke into my existence to be? I will never stop believing, never stop dreaming, and never stop working. 2 years ago today I shared “Inception” to help have happy memories of today and you have already shown me you are here in my heart still guiding me. 25 years ago an Angel left to watch over us…..I miss you my namesake. I LOVE YOU DADDY FOREVER AND ALWAYS.


Namesake? Her dad’s name was Sasha?… just kidding… really touching… I’m sure he’s proud of you ma’am wherever he is



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