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Ikire campus is one of the six campuses of OSUN STATE UNIVERSITY established in 2007 as the 30th approved state university and the 80th university in Nigeria. A campus meant to be a college for humanity and culture, turned into a glorified secondary school where student are oppressed and expected to keep quiet and smile to their inhuman act. Voice of student are given no attention and student lack basic infrastructure necessary for learning and even on cases where these infrastructures are available, student are denied access to them. And any attempt to voice out, our studentship is been threatened.

Unfortunately, the lack of access to the school infrastructure this time has left not just the student weeping but even the school under serious chaos and families mourning their dead. It was meant to a week crowned with a well celebrated award nite, but was later turned into a show of mourning and violence and also leaving the rest critically injured/

The department of HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES STUDENT ASSOCIATION went on an excursion on the 15th of august 2014 to oke ila water fall as part of the event to celebrate their week, which was approved by the school authority.The sub dean of the student affairs signed the document backing the commencement of the week. The sub dean has always been acting on her capacity as the sub dean of student affairs to approve every activity to b embarked upon by student.

Things would have been fine if not of the nonchalant attitude and carelessness of our lecturers. The school bus was not made available and the association was left with no choice than to go and rent a public transport which had an accident due to break failure and led to the death of the driver and a student,others were severely injured .the school denied the association access to the bus by billing them high for the usage, as it is a culture in school where student are billed high to make use of the school bus be it for educational or school sporting activities. It was later gathered from a source that while student had to go seek for another bus the school bus was on a non academic mission while student were in pains and in need of help. Even the college ambulance was not released with claims that papers have to be signed before it could leave school even when the need was urgent, it were passerby from a college of education that helped out in rescuing victims.

After the incident had happened, things won’t have gone worst if only the lecturers were intelligent enough to calm the anxious student who were worried and confused about the state of their fellow student  and a school staff. But instead, most of the lecturers present in school turned deaf ears and showed signs of no human feelings. student were left no choice than to call their friends at the accident scene and when the news broke out that a fellow student was dead, that triggered student  and provoked their anger which led to vandalizing of school properties.

It would have not been as worst as it ended but instead of trying to calm the already bad situation, out of fear lecturers were busy finding ways to shift the blame on the critically injured student and the department excos claiming the trip was not approved and all excos were going to face the disciplinary panel of the school and also threatened with their studentship. Student would not have destroyed much things if not of the grievances most student hold against the school authority over lack of basic amenities needed by the student of which dues are been paid for every session and get nothing in return. poor health facility a clinic with less or no drugs where most student prefer to use self medication instead of going to d clinic, bad I.C.T where we pay for per session and are denied access to it and student would have to stand outside to use d school WIFI of which they paid for, language lab with dead computers used for decoration, poor security for the student and all the security men care about is if students are abiding by the school dress code and not worried of protecting the student,despit  the 5000 naira charged for sporting activities all we have in return is a school with a non functional football field and no football of which the college can claim to be its own, the biggest library among d six campuses with less and irrelevant books,nothing to write home about when it’s raining because it turns to a flowing stream.

The accident which occurred was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back and student saw it as a chance to pour out their feelings and show their grievances. Saying if we must pay for these facilities then we must have access to them. The riot in IKIRE CAMPUS was a justified one despite armless students were maltreated, assaulted and some were wounded by the teargas fired by the mobile police. To them it’s time for libration.



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