See The List Of The Top Earning TV Actors According To Forbes



Ashton Kutcher has emerged the king of TV Actors after earning $26million this year.


This makes it the third year in a row for the two and half men star..


1. Ashton Kutcher ($26 million)

2. Jon Cryer ($19 million)

2. Mark Harmon ($19 million)

3. Neil Patrick Harris ($18 million)

4. Patrick Dempsey ($16 million)

4. Kevin Spacey ($16 million)

5. Tim Allen ($15 million)

6. Simon Baker ($13 million)

7. Jim Parsons ($12 million)

8. Jason Segel ($11 million)

8. Johnny Galecki ($11 million)

9. Jon Hamm5.  ($10 million)

9. Charlie Shenn ($10 million)

9. Josh Radnor ($10 million)

10. Bryan Cranston ($ 8 million).



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