Microsoft May Have Scrapped Your 2GB OneDrive File Upload Limit

One of the most frequent gripes levelled at Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service (according to its uservoice feedback forum, anyway) is the inability to upload files larger than 2GB – a measly amount in an age of 4K video and Retina displays.

It seems that the company has listened. In a statement toThe Next Web, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the restriction has been removed from a “small number” of user accounts with a view to a full roll-out.

The change was first spotted, tested and confirmed by eagle-eyed Reddit users. Microsoft is yet to release an official statement on the change, so any new file size upload limit is shrouded in mystery.

In the works

OneDrive users have been calling for Microsoft to catch up with its cloud storage rivals for some time.

In a uservoice post on August 21, Microsoft Group Program Manager Omar Shahine explained that OneDrive’s 2GB limit was “simply an old limit that we’ve been working on removing for far too long now”, and that dropping it was not an arbitrary decision.

Dropbox is free of upload limits when used from its desktop app (a 10GB limit applies for the web interafce), while Google Drive has an upload cap of 5TB.

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