#CHOAMVA14 Former Nigerian Boxing Champion, Bash Ali Gets Hospitalized After Ugly Fight With Security Men



According to Reports from News247 in states that former Cruiserweight Champion Bash Ali has been hospitalized after getting into a fight with security men.

However Ali is said to have been protesting outside of Nigeria-Export Import Bank (NEXIM) demanding the bank to provide N150 million to facilitate the hosting of Bash Ali’s Guinness book of World Record fight project.

Bash Ali was said to have camped at the headquarters of Nigeria Export-Import Bank (NEXIM) yesterday with his fellow supporters.

He was invited in to a meeting with the bank Managing Director Mr. Robert Orya, but Ali refused to attend and decided to to lay flat at the entrance of the bank, thus disrupting business and creating an ugly scene.

Management of the bank denied his supporters entrance but he insisted that his supporters must attend the meeting. This generated a fracas between him and the security before he was overpowered by the securitymen, who pushed him down and a vehicle climbed his legs.

Orya told journalists: “Please ask him what he is doing there. I have explained to this man times without number that NEXIM Bank does not have the mandate to sponsor sporting activities”.

Bashiru Ali Lawrence is the only boxer in the world who has won every cruiser weight title conceivable.

He also has the reputable record of never being knocked out and has the  best record in the cruiserweight category. He was born on the 27th of February 1956 in Lagos, Nigeria.



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